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Should have been given one. You're gay. How dare you? That was a compliment. I have not come out publicly, Donna. All right. Thank you. Day radio host. It's a little, you know. Well, not little let's do it. Let's talk about a former A-List mostly movie actress former can you repeat that a former listlessly movie actress. So this person is the subject of the following blind item. She might never have had surgery, but this former alias mostly movie actress who has been acting since childhood has had plenty of procedures done. We're face to keep it looking young. Wow. That's it. That's it everyone. I was gonna say all of Hollywood. You know, I I was just reading something today about somebody who was talking about how aging is a privilege. Yes, he did. And for that reason. She doesn't want to get on. She wouldn't do drew Barrymore. She's not a. That was just one the blind watery girl because I never would have pulled that out of my fanny. Yeah. So drew Barrymore did say that where she said that she wouldn't have plastic surgery. But drew Barrymore has done plenty of procedures to her face to keep it looking young. That's always the little doublespeak. That's the liberties do when they're asked about getting worked out on their faces. They say, well, I'm never going to have plastic surgery. But you've done EV you know, you've done everything. Alerts which is totally. Know heard about Riverview keeper now. Hey, I was gonna ask you, what do you think about drew Barrymore love? Really? Yeah. Whatever I don't know. I just think she's she is who she is. She's kind of a flower child. She seems honest and authentic. I watched an interview with her because I've been going back and watching this. I'm obsessed with this British guy who does interviews called Alan Carr. He's a comedian. He's also the gay, and he just he he has he just has a lot of fun with interviews, but they're all from like five plus years ago. And he did an interview with drew Barrymore. And who is she in them. There was a movie she did with another young. Actress Cameron Diaz wasn't capable page. Was it me roller skating movie every movie it was about? No, no, it was Toni Collette because Toni Collette had the cancer. I think yes, the character, and that she played, and I was watching those two, and you know, you just get a sense of people from watching them interact with people there. Working with. Yes. I was like I don't think drew Barrymore is probably that fun to work with you don't think. So no, she seemed like she was sucking up a lot.

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