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Is an absolute government priority where? You got to get in there and you've got to? Legislate accordingly and you got to regulate accordingly and the way to do that is to try to cripple industries by doing things? Like the Obama administration did with this clean water rule which was designed to kill the coal, industry, designed to, kill it now imagine a presidential debate in twenty twenty when they ask candidate Bernie Sanders or candidate Elizabeth Warren will you try. To put back in the clean water rule what are, they going to say and how are the coal miners gonna react to that how are the coal. Miners in West Virginia going to react to that of the coal miners in Virginia and these other places how, are they going to react to that when the democrat. Candidate stands up there and says yes because Cole Is bad and we? Got to get rid of coal because coal is, dirty, etc etc The problem Democrats. Have forget, the midterms the. Midterms if the Democrats win. The house I, wouldn't be surprised I mean, they may not I'm not making prediction yet it's too early but I wouldn't be surprised but that's way different than the presidential election in twenty twenty, way. Different And you, see articles like this. Out of, the Atlantic hope. And change in Alabama coal. Mine and these, guys are making investments in, the hiring again they're they're buying all this big machinery that's expensive machinery They right during the Obama years we were watching our hours trying to squeeze more, productivity, from fewer workers there were few opportunities for overtime pay. We, want, overtime in the last year we've seen more overtime That means more opportunities for vacation with his two six year old. Grandchildren in may he and his wife took them at DisneyWorld for five days. In the week after the reporters spoke to him, he and his. Wife were headed down a Gulf shores for. Their own trip it's all just allow, for little extra money and it goes a long way the writer of this piece from the Atlantic again Eliana elaina plot she wrote every time I spoke to. Everyone I spoke to, you for this story whether at the coal mine itself or within local businesses seem to express sincere excitement. About voting in November's midterm elections that they'll vote for Republicans, is largely unsurprising it's Alabama after all but their enthusiasm. May signal higher than usual turnout for midterm election in the region. Quote for this area when you. See evil elected someone who cares about our industry it makes you want. To get out there in November you. Don't have to encourage people around here. To vote right now It's a vote in their view. For the revival of their industry yet not lost on them, is the is a is a chance that Trump could. Also seal its demise them get into the tariffs on steel imports And that's what I've said tariffs could become politically toxic. For the administration down the road and, this is not a debate on terrorism not looking to have that conversation I'm just sharing you their thoughts on tariffs from the article, from two. Thousand eight to two thousand seventeen according to the US energy information administration the number of coal mines across the country decreased by roughly half from twenty twelve to two thousand seventeen minor labor hours declined thirty nine percent And these guys found themselves out of work and then now suddenly all these coal mines are, reopening and Right now it's also. Official that you have guys going back to work getting over time doing all those other things that matters so come twenty twenty when the same people are going to be showing out to vote and the working Democrats the. Democrats trying to turn around and then listen to the voters and a dentist by with. The working man and they could ask the, questions about. The environment and that's why Trump will win reelection it's why if Trump's not running pencil win it's why if neither, of them running the, Republican will win because, as long. As the progressive left makes environmental regulations and restrictions their priority over jobs. They will lose period five fifteen let's check in with dawn Good afternoon. Dawn sends one here it is five fifteen suck radio twelve ten WPA with eighty one degrees to Philadelphia police officers recovering after it appears they were exposed to dangerous synthetic. Opioids this happened the city's. Strawberry mansion section police conducting a drug investigation when a thorny say those officers came into contact with Fenton both officers. Rushed to the hospital this was overnight but they were released today and they are recovering at home as far as that drug bust that's still under investigation house arrest is the sentence for the first member of Penn State. University fraternity to plead guilty in connection with the death of nineteen year old sophomore Timothy. Piazza during a hazing pledge party last year, twenty one. Year old Ryan Burke pleading guilty a judge sentencing him to three months house arrest on customs and border protection agents, say they discovered another, shipment of counterfeit goods, at the. Porta Philadelphia this time they Say they confiscated fake designer jewelry from Hong. Kong let's say the knockoff Cartier love bracelets would have been sold. For more than two million dollars it's a full gays he, dawn it's a gays somebody's not. Getting their bracelets, it I witness weather let's check in with meteorologist Kate Bilo I'm CVS three meteorologist Kate Bilo. Mainly cloudy and muggy tonight a couple of hit or miss showers and storms low seventy three.

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