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Guarantee from the W. T. M. J. breaking news center and Sony bought a new reports about corona virus in the badger state for new patients undergoing further testing for the virus that's according to the Wisconsin department of health there's been one confirmed case so far in the state Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson tells W. T. M. J. he hasn't personally worried about the virus but no one's ignoring it or thinking long and hard to meeting about it they're they're changing policy is as dictated some were not allowing non US citizens come this country the bin and in China the state's first confirmed case announcing Dane county on Wednesday afternoon meanwhile the walkie is prepared in the event that coronavirus shows up in the city of outbreak or something that we have plans in place for the day one of the benefits the city of Milwaukee health department has had regarding this virus it's time to prepare public health emergency response planning coordinator neck tomorrow we're just a few years down the again due to work every day not with novel coronavirus this is the other plans that are are applicable to different types of recognition Melissa parte WTMJ news leasing Sheboygan have an eighteen year old man in custody after a fatal shooting Thursday afternoon a twenty three year old man was shot and killed near tenth and clear I just before two thirty the suspect arrested on murder charges a seventeen year old girl also taken into custody and separate drug related charges police say everyone involved knew each other nobody yet is being identified combating reckless drivers remains on the forefront for Milwaukee police but the police union says it still needs more help the lucky police association president they'll Borman tells W. C. M. J. they're actively working with state lawmakers on the issue over the last year or so how many people how many citizens have died including children from reckless drivers we need the tools to be able to stop the reckless driving Milwaukee police officer was shot and wounded while pursuing a reckless driver earlier this week a suspect is in custody with serious injuries after police pursuit and crash in Washington County Thursday afternoon twenty two year old man from let's spend accused of driving a stolen vehicle along highway forty five before crashing into a guard rail and highway sixty that happen near Jackson the suspect flown by flight for life to Milwaukee his condition is unknown T. M. J. five day forecast for today increasing clouds with late afternoon flurries like snow by the evening high of thirty three Saturday morning light snow less than an inch mostly cloudy high of thirty one Sunday then cloudy with snow showers mixing in with reign in the late afternoon could see anywhere from two to four inches Monday mostly sunny and nice high of thirty two Tuesday mostly sunny breezy and mild high of thirty five or it's the box take down the seventy Sixers one twelve to one a one Thursday night if I Sir forum not a satanic proposing a game I thirty six points on his way to a twenty rebound performance the walking next in action Saturday afternoon they hit the road to take on the Orlando Magic for a four PM tipoff I'm Tony about Iraq newsradio WTMJ this media networks this is America's first news this morning with your whole he went through hell Leon Gordon deal along with Jennifer could shake up on this Friday February seventh but you could be with us and here's what we have for you this hour a day after being acquitted in the impeachment trial president trump took a victory lap.

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