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It's god is one of the best things i've seen on magdalen the say mary magdalene. Yeah no no no no no not that. She couldn't have played that. I'm sure she could. She could play anything. Yeah but she was also in waitress the musical which evokes rosa music. It's just a great singer. She's known for hit songs like love song and gravity and and she is now a show on the peacock. I think a new channel right. Yes not new relic new did always anew always sounds like nude any w head of the party. And that's so taboo donny. It's called Girls five ever produced by tina fey. And it's a very funny show very funny. Oh and as a quick Funny disclaimer to this interview. Sarah was also an example of how kinds in generous. She was with time We actually did this interview in three different parts. The first being when i was in north carolina at the studio did not work. There's no wifi. did just that fail. Number one lasts like north carolina. Sick in that doesn't told you if the whole state but this one particular studio in wilmington it did not work. We try to. She was kind enough to come back on. We did it here at our studio in our house where she where we are now are wifi out. Did not work fail number two. Did you start to feel like man. The universe didn't want you to talk to that something was conspiring against us Talking and you know. I don't know what the lesson would have been just enjoy her music and i don't know what it would have been but but happy ending view we did. It worked on the third time and she would again..

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