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That's in terms of creating offers like you said to monetize other people's audiences couple of good ones there. Let's dive into the next point here. Which is why you should create two steps for those who don't know to break down that down the second like a landing page as opposed to an ad. Why is that for that. Like what is a to set for those who aren't familiar with the term. Yes so let's let's kinda define to bro. Quick to sub essentially away to create attention interest desire and action for To get somebody into messenger. So it's to kind of tease somebody into an opportunity. Yep i'm like here's a thing You know very similar. I would say to you know think about what. Are you actually trying to get people are how can you actually get people in messenger. Generally what people do is. They're offering some free training that they did on x. y. out them get x. y. and z. You know they have a cheat. My best performing one was For myself not for clients was around my fifty two page content. Swipe file That one like rushed like every time. I go on an interview and i are like mentioned that i have this fifty two page contents. Why file two steps like people like. Oh get me on that. And it's kind of ironic. That i'm i'm sharing that right now but But yeah i mean. I've had people message me after and be like i paid thirteen hundred dollars for this Copywriting course and going through your free fifty. Two page file blew it away. 'cause 'cause it has like all the cy i put the fifty two pages worth of content that i've written that generated millions of dollars organically but then i also like dissect them i was like. Oh well let me just create some templates based on the ones that performed the best. So i have six different templates like the challenger to stab like different types of two steps that you can write got in there and it's free and people you should sell this dude like ninety seven bucks..

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