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Agency has concluded the Russian my first question for you Sir is who do you believe I was there along with journalists from all over the world packed into Finland's presidential palace waiting to hear what trump would say they said they think it's Russia I have president Putin he just said it's not Russia I will say this I don't see any reason why it would be I think that that is one of the most tragic moments in the history of the relationship between the United States president the intelligence community again Leon Panetta who used to run the CIA Panetta told me his specific beef is the message trumps words sent to the rest of the world that we were dealing with a president who has no sense of the importance of intelligence and the important role our intelligence people play in protecting the security of our country to fully set the stage for where we find ourselves now let's visit one more of it but all this here in order and like to welcome our witnesses today room two sixteen of the Senate Hart office building we're now up to January of this year and the current director of the CI a Gino hospital is testifying about Iran so at the moment technically they're in compliance but we do see them debating amongst themselves as they fail so typical Jurai congressional testimony what was significant was hospital and other officials stating quietly but firmly around at that point was in compliance with the nuclear deal and not only wrong but also on Russia and North Korea the testimony by trump spy chiefs was jarring Lee at odds with trump's own rhetoric so much so that the next day trump hit back on Twitter calling quote the intelligence people passive and naive and adding perhaps intelligence should go back to school what I thought back to that moment the disrespect towards houseful and her colleagues on full display as the impeachment inquiry has blown up when I heard by the news reports at this whistle blowers apparently a CI a employee I just thought my god this is all she needs now John resume he spent thirty four years as a CI a lawyer do you see an irony in the fact that given that trump and the relationship with his intelligence leaders has played out answered has since day one that it's no CIA whistleblower that appears to be bringing the country to the brink of impeachment well I guess ironic is one way to put it Mary Louise yes yeah honestly I almost wish that there was a board then from somewhere else in the government not from the C. I. A. because as I say this rings the whole relationship between president trump and intelligence community full circle and possibly a retrieval in the sense of the relationship being damage to a point from which you can't recover yeah yeah I mean this is this is the apotheosis of what could possibly go wrong even further fracture the relationship I mean there's no obligation criticism of the whistle blower but that is the reality I fear complicating things further the inspector general of the intelligence community Michael Atkinson has judge the whistle blower complaint both urgent and credible but in a letter dated August twenty sixth he also writes that the whistle blower house quote arguable political bias in favor of a rival candidate sin obvious question which I put to general clapper is there a danger that the president will see that as confirmation of a deep state that is out to get him I'm sure does I'm sure so what's the risk there if the president is suspicious that the intelligence community is out to get him what's the risk to national security well one risk is no deeper skepticism about accepting anything mantle's who says which is profoundly dangers two of the country you know I've thought about a situation where we have something of the magnitude of a nine eleven attack on to build he would be highly dependent on what the Intel's committee controlling them whether he accepts skeptical about it I think that would pose real risk today I circle back to Jim clapper who serve both Republican and democratic presidents going back to John F. Kennedy I was curious how he would respond to the news of Baghdadi staff and to president trump's previews for the intelligence officers who helped make it happen here's what Cooper wrote back if the intelligence community generates intelligence that the president likes he presents them if.

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