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And it's just finding the right people the right words, the things that resonate with you, that help you to connect to that and so that you can feel both because. What anyone that I have read or listen to that that talks about that is that it doesn't joy doesn't mean. Like nothing bothers me. It's it's that you can experience pain and still be okay and know that that you're, you're pure version of yourself is not affected by that that so much of that is is in our mind in our brains and that that's just a function of being a physical body of Lander. But that part of us, that's our soul is connected to an energy that actually is all about peace and joy. I can't even live up saying this. I'm actually kind of scared to say this because I feel like for a lot of people, it might be like, but I just want to start talking about it because it's honestly, the thing this type of thinking is honestly, the thing that has changed the most now taking care of myself and seeing doctors and getting medication and doing everything I do that. I. About all the time now like, fuck and broken record, certainly sets me up to be strong and to dig in deeper to some some of these bore, like philosophical of, you know, spiritual type things, but the reading about this stuff and and understanding about energy in really like who we truly are. So like my personal pass to enlightenment is is what has had the most profound effect on me. So I'm not going to not talk about it and I'm and I really want to actively find ways to talk about it that are relatable and easy to understand. So any suggestions you have? I'm totally open to it. And honestly, if there were ever a time that I could use encouragement to say, hey, we get it. We want to hear more or I don't understand, but I like you and I feel like you say lots of other things that resonate with. With me. So this is why this doesn't make sense to me. Please j. g. o. k. at bandeau dot com. Or on Instagram or whatever stopped me in the street. If you see me, make sure give Huck too. That would really help because I think it's important. And honestly, the more talked about it just with with my friends and people. I know it's, there's a consciousness that's happening where people are starting to to identify that that there is truth in that, and that's how that's how we're all going to change as individuals and as a society and now as a super challenging time and and for so many, especially if you're the type of person that likes to watch the news no matter what side of any issue you're on. It's a really hard time and and so what better time than now to find that power and strength within yourself so that you can feel connected to it and feel more quipped to possess joy in an amongst sadness. Challenges and all that other crap. Now what I want to say about that. There million ways that you can work on it. Maybe I'll do a follow up episode. Maybe I'll sneak it into every episode from here on out..

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