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Guys, as I've talked on this podcast before a number of the January 6th defendants have had trouble getting good attorneys. In some cases they end up saddled with State Council and in some cases those are leftists who sort of tried to propagandize them against their beliefs, but an attorney who does not fit into that category. In fact, an attorney who has been capably representing some January 6 defendants, some delighted to welcome to the podcast Marina medvin. She's a nationally recognized attorney. She's had some big and important cases and she has been representing I believe several January 6th defendants, Marina, thanks for joining me. I appreciate it. How many of the January 6th defendants are you representing currently? Right now we have 6. UF 6, okay, awesome. And as you remember, I had contacted you some time ago to say, hey, come on my podcast and talk about this and you were like, wait a minute. I've got these ongoing trials. I can't really do that. So when I read that there was one of your clients that the case, the case was resolved, I was like, let's talk about that one because it'll give us a little window into how these prosecutions operate and how these cases come to a conclusion. So let's begin by talking about this guy Michael steppe off who is Michael stepakoff and what was the what was the conclusion of his case? Rabbi Mike. Michael stepakoff is rabbi Mike. And rabbi Mike is the leader of a congregation in Florida. And he came to Washington D.C. in order to take part in the protest, just like everyone else, seeking election integrity, seeking fair elections for his voice to be heard for the voice of his congregants to be heard. And he followed a crowd into the capitol building. It was there for a total of 5 minutes inside. He shook hands with the police officer. He walked out, took some photos he walked out. He didn't do anything with as far as violent or anything that appears negatively against his types of people. But he was charged search warners executed on his house. His family was humiliated, and he was brought to court in D.C.. He was on probation for over a year. And the case concluded as one year probation with two months of home incarceration and 60 hours of community service. So it's a pretty complex penalty for somebody charge for the first offense. In a class B, petty offense misdemeanor effect. So Maria, let's put what you said in a little bit of slow motion. Here's a guy. He's a he's a rabbi, and he's a messianic rabbi, which means he's sort of a rabbi who is Jewish, culturally, but nevertheless believes in Jesus. Never comes to Washington, D.C., he's upset about the election. Let's look at what he did. Now you said he went into the capitol building. Apparently he observed no violence, and not only that, but he was part of a group where the cops were around and they were interacting with these guys and shaking hands with them and you have that on video don't you. This correct, we did request for the 5 minutes of footage, the security footage of him in the building to be released to the public and it has been released on Thursday and we posted your website. So everyone could see for themselves because at the end of the day, look to see for yourself. Don't trust me. Don't trust the Nash or anyone else for it. Well, look at the video. And see what's on it. And you'll see a crowd of peaceful protesters walking into the capitol through open doors, and you'll see police officers there. And the police officers aren't asking anyone to leave. They're interacting positively with the individuals walking in. We are shaking hands. I was able to count 7 individuals walk up to police officers during a 5 minute video and shake hands. Now Marina, I wanted to turn to the prosecution here because I want to give people a sense of their modus operandi. What the prosecution is doing is evidently producing video that occurred 12 minutes before mister steppe off got there and 30 minutes after he left, and it looks like the argument they were trying to make the judges somehow that this guy, Michael stefa is responsible for what other people did before him or after him in short that he was part of a group or a crowd, and he is somehow held responsible for the actions collectively of the crowd. Is that an accurate summary of what the government was trying to show? That is exactly the argument we made to the judge. Yes. I'm sorry. Well, I was going to make the point that you argued that this is a guy in a justice system who should be held accountable for what he did, right? Correct. That's what criminal sentencing is. In federal court and state court, we look at the individual and his individual contribution to the alleged events. And here, instead of looking mister at mister stubber cop's individual involvement and what he would have seen or what he would have done or what was right around him, the government brought into evidence video from 12 minutes prior and 30 minutes after he left in order to say that the events around him were very tumultuous and much more complex than he led on..

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