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Up to around halston street. Snow falling in New Jersey that's causing some treacherous roads, especially on two eighty seven between Morristown. One in seventy eight and then from seventy eight in Bedminster, getting down to Edison, also eighty very slow as well between Roxbury through tappan Zee bridge speed restriction, thirty five miles an hour because of the weather same on the Newburgh beacon bridge speed restriction of thirty five miles an hour, alternate side parking rules. They are suspended today. Meters. Though, they are in effect next traffic update less than ten minutes away and WCBS and now let's zero in on the weather forecast with CBS twos. John Elliott, and because of you are whether oracle we should be ready for this. Well, you know, we did say was going to start a snow. It's funny gyms picking up on some of those roadways in New Jersey the area airports right now, light snow, but heavy snow in the city that line over into Newark overthrew Elizabeth out to Chatham. That's where we're seeing some issues in that also impacts visibility. So you're gonna see a brief period of accumulating snow, and then the change over and with that change over comes the element of ice. Whether it's leader, freezing rain. So that will slow you down through the afternoon. There's some improvement in the city with the rain. Later in the commute, but a prolonged period of icing north and west could really make things very slow thirty-five today. Forty four windy degrees. Tomorrow from CBS news. I'm John Elliott. Well, thank you, John. It's ten ten. Fifty six percent of New York voters support the idea of Amazon moving to queens. The CNN research institute says support was even stronger among city residents with fifty eight percent saying that they favored opponents of the deal include the union, representing retail wholesale and department store workers as well. As progressive groups and local politicians like congresswoman Alexandria, Mukasey Cortez and state Senator Mike Jen heiress Amazon possibly rethinking its decision to move to queens is actually reviving hopes in nearby communities that the company may pick a new spot here in the tri-state area. Connecticut and New Jersey smell an opportunity with Amazon reportedly not happy about the backlash against their plan to build a new head coach. Quarters in Long Island, city, Queens, New York's neighbors are reaching out to the ecommerce giant with an invitation both Connecticut, governor Lamont, New Jersey, Governor Murphy confirmed they're in touch with Amazon Stanford would be perfect says state rep Caroline Simmons. It's interesting. Unlike our counterparts in New York, we are local orcas in teaching share would would welcome Amazon..

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