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Phone rang. Podcast is a deer media production. Welcome to the absolutely not podcast where we do the most in the lease at the same. Damn time. I'm your host. Heather McMahon Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to another episode of the absolutely not podcast. I'm so excited to be in the studio live from Los Angeles. We are doing the most. I'm giving you a recap of what I've been up to get to the voicemails and we are cracking a case. What are you talking about heather? Well mind dear friend. Raymond Padilla is on the basic victim out of his building. And if you've been following long story on Instagram I got a lot of 'em's night there were like bring Ray in. We need a full recap. I need to know what's going on heather. What are you doing about it? It's like Britney nine one one but right now it's nine one and there's a bunch of things that we were gonNA get into today. Now I know that my diversity of guests right now is fucking lacking. Guess what everybody in. La Has cancelled on me six times. So as far as I'm concerned I'm bringing in people to the podcast that literally. I know where they live. And if they cancel on me I will fucking burn down there -partment building. Well you know I live for now. I know where you live but it's going to change. We are going to get into addiction gate right now right but also you know fucking Shit. It's been a fuck a week. We both moods so in true. Fashion of this podcast. You know what's absolutely nodding absolutely not to this crazy week. I team trying to run me. Ragged I'm exhausted sick and tired of listening to myself. Even talk but here. Let's just record another podcast. I'm kidding I love this job. Everything's great but I. I'm really like you. You've talked so much that your brain starting to rattle. That's where I'm at hanging on by a thread and hanging out for against threat. But rather it's been stretched too thin and last night it got stretched real thin. 'cause I almost went full New York on your neighbors so absolutely not too crazy Buchan neighbors. We got to tell the people exactly what happen. Basically last night you came over. You're GONNA fucking mood. I was finally got you to settle down for two hours giving tea chocolate snacks almond butter. It wasn't enough. It wasn't enough. I'm trying to keep my fro under control and my silk headscarf. And then the neighbor I have a crazy neighbor. Who's just been accusing? You should have never done. She comes a banging on the door. Are you smoking weed in there and you were like it was assaulting? It was alarming the way that this woman banged on your door last night was as if the SWAT team had showed up. Is it this? We're getting locked up? It was bad it sounded like we were going to be murdered. Truly we were about to be murdered dined together still fat and still not and I'm GonNa tell you right now. I don't know maybe going to present is what we need. Probably getting chased Riza. Judy say like she got fed. Remember she was doing a lot of yoga. She was thin so she did that. But like Jodi J. O. Joe came out JOE FROM THE LAWS OF NEW JERSEY. Came out shelf out anyway. So she went. I was at an addition and I ran into one of the girls whose auditioning now for the same roles me but from oranges new black. I was trying not to seek out these auditions see people but I was like fuck. Fuck in love her. Yeah I ran into this Guy Love Al Foods and I was like Holy Shit does I didn't pay me. She comes banging on the door. You get all scared. Jump up from the couch and I was like does it happened on Sunday with my friend and I was like. Here's my turn. We got rights crazy lady. I'M GONNA figure out who crazy abras. She comes banging on the door. She screaming that were smoking weed. And I was like Ma'am. There's nobody in here smoking weed. What are you talking? She's specific? Jus You're smoking weed in here. I know it and I'm like first of all. There's no smoke. There's there is no rent like even evidence that we are smoking weed although I had taken some. Thc CD bomb erupted Oliver Making Body. She's did smell of course not of course not it was like. Here's the scene guys. They're crazy outside. She's Nancy. Joe I'm Alexis and Heather's Alexis mom. She was like sitting on the couch. You couldn't see the one explaining Nancy. Jones jobs lady from Vanity Fair article. Alexa scenarios was accused wearing lubaton support. She did not sure. Bb Hills over twenty dollars. Her Mom is saying they only twenty nine dollars and she had keep recording the fungal. That was my conversation last night with McRae's neighbor. Heather and me was great that you were there to witness it. Because you're the beginning of housing curse and she's screaming at me. There's someone smoking meaning. You're you're smoking reading here. I know it. I'm trying to get a shower and it's coming up through the vents. I can't breathe because I have asthma. Okay everyone has asthma. Actually don't and most people assume I do because I breathe locks overweight. It's just called obesity. Okay but you don't breathe heavy because you're overweight ray. Asthma Okay but you just breathe heavy because you like to be dramatic. It's like the size of the dramatic emotional size that come out of Ray's mouth all the fucking time he's like. He goes into a hostess at Hill Stone. Bake excuse me. I'm like table for three Fucking dramatic but here's the thing. Sometimes your life is so proper and mine is via last night so really. We got attacked by your neighbor attacked. Barney. We offered to let her come in but there was no carmen. You're like we're drinking tea and watching veep attacked and it wasn't even my apartment you were like. Hey I got it. It's fine. I was listening to him. This is not okay. I'm not smoking weed. I know you've complained to the building. She's like I spoke to the building manager and she said that you would admit anything. I'm not smoking weed known as smoking. Here please come in. Can I honest with you too when somebody says you've admitted something? We are smart enough to admit nothing. You're GonNa try and tell me like. Oh yeah while. The building manager said that you admitted to on the show me in and right show me and writing in the words during a medley. Say Forget it right. It regretted. That's what I'll get on a phone call with you. Yep and I'll I'll talk to you 'cause you won't remember Shit but as she's screaming at me you're there. I'm so glad you're there witness it. She was accused. I and I'm like Ma'am it's not me. I'm not known you'RE SMOKING. Weed you've complain. I've told him that I don't smoke in this building. I'm moving out. Go with God good with the next neighbor and she said and she said well. It's not you then at somebody and I was like it's not me. I don't care it's like I smell weed in this building before. And she's like well you know smoking weed why you turn them in and I was because I'm not a rat absolutely not to rat absolutely not to rats and spies and then she was like well. I just don't know how you would include your name because I don't need to. I've done nothing wrong. You're not I'm good and I said listen. This building. The ventilation is poor. I can smell when someone's taking a shower. I can here on my neighbor's fucking having sex with a strange girl that he's never met before. I can hear you combine around your clogs doing arm weights. I don't know what's going on with you. You're constantly at a vibration that I can't understand like eat something. Please get a fucking cookie and chill the fuck out. I wanted to like. Give her something just to calm down. But then I also thought that she might like us to stab me with my right. Had An energy like you gave her like a chocolate covered. Pretzels shoot somehow find. It turns into shifts. Yes would shift me. And then that's how it would be all sides notes. She drives a Prius and anyone. That Prius sorry to you. But you'd be problems. You think you remember you. Try to buy a Prius and I don't do that that I did almost try and I said don't because all my friends about it you think people drive for uses. There's something a little off decided to. You decided to go with the Prius Right. You know about that. You don't think it's just people being environmentally conscious no amount. That's where I'm at now. We'll take a quick pause. And the Pike cast talking about one of my favorite sponsors. Now here's the deal. I finally had to get rid of my dingle dangles you know. They're my ear buds with the actual wire attached to them. I finally gave it up. Y'All make fun of me forever. I finally gave it up but I'm so excited that I found the best. And it's Ray con ear buds. I WANNA be hands-free amount. You're trying to make calls trying to close deals trying to call people at networks in. Hey Gimme a show will be good thing is. I've got my rais. Khan EAR BUDS. That started about half the price of any other premium wireless ear buds on the market. If you want to be hands free if you WANNA be a businesswoman and get things done you need to be.

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