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Here cbs tuesday jon elia with the latest weather forecast well you know what we're waiting we're trying to get some more sun in here we're still dealing with a mix of sun and clouds after that rain as a soaker overnight a lot of reporting stations over an inch of rain but we are gonna see things brighten up in warm up to about eighty four in the city it'll be a little cooler along the shore recurring risk is lower that's a blessing overnight tonight sixty five for the city a little bit more varieties far morning temperatures tomorrow morning increasing clouds on your friday high of seventy six hate to break it to you but starting the weekend and a wet way i'm john lee the cbs to weather center well thank you john w cbs news time ten thirty more than just the headlines this is new york's newsradio w cbs news radio eighty has president trump agrees to stop separating families at the border it's unclear what happens to the twenty three hundred children already living in shelters meanwhile mayor de blasio will tour children shelter this afternoon with other mayors it's near the border in texas there are terrible stories of abuse being told by some immigrant children living in one shelter in virginia and canada officially legalizes pot october seventeen sports the yankees host the mariners this afternoon and it'll be the mets at the rockies seventy one and partly sunny on thursday june twentyfirst good morning i'm pat far neck w cbs news time ten thirty one families crossing the border seeking asylum in the us will continue to be treated as criminals by the trump administration a zero tolerance policy on immigration remains in place but the administration has decided to allow the families to stay together wants detained wherever been separate the parents from the children cbs white house correspondent steven portnoy says there's a lot of confusion about how these new guidelines will play out the president of the order would make for a lot of happy people where keeping families together and this will solve that problem but his own justice department later clarified the due to a series of court rulings the government still i can't hold children even with their parents for more than twenty days and officials still haven't said whether the order will help the more than two thousand children taken from their parents guardians thus far officials say they're congress or the courts need to act steven portnoy cbs news the white house the president's executive order does nothing to address the fate of the twenty three hundred children who have already been separated more than two hundred of them have been sent here to new york to a facility in harlem before being placed in temporary foster care sean adams is outside that facility with more president trump has ended the separation of families at the mexican border but what now what about the children who've already.

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