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Of a sports up when the game was her on this is where you can talk votto 985 the sports hub two but i shall of the throwback you're not even bother four dollars joe murray here at ville 630 joke before a judge surat rotten bob myers takeover bruins in maple leafs was his home in home we'll back backley what it is you'll home in home here something's got to give you get one point last night gordon a power but yell am i may be right back the powerplays look piece in the times this year let him down re really yeah okay barclays been now it's been it's been at times very good at look past couple of games recently not so much must so your work in the game you're here for tonight as well yes so you've been good like the bruins guy lately like i i'm a pocket that you really turned into a pocket of land you i i watched the young kids eramet now when you say you watched the young kids referring to hockey yes okay and uh huddled play last night and probably get rask than i write yep get you're ovens looked like a different guy to i mean he's played well and after you know i know he he got out of the end of late at the end of last season but you know up until that point he was the dumpster fire john slade while this year aren't so low hockey minute there will ask continues to be an enigma yes met concludes this hockey minute we'll do a little at bora hockey they 540 anna saturday maybe like six twenty five w well more hockey talk uh because there's been some nuggets jeremy jacobs and hall faye annan winter classic so what what ghana we'll uh we'll touch on that in just a little bit the news today though and we've heard some rumblings that junk stand could be available and there's a couple of teams in the mix and i saw this for michael sermon today the herald the miami herald reports stand in trade talks with the.

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