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Can get your book and he's even doing them autographs so check that out if you haven't already he's going to be a star cast and it was like everybody and their brother is there but who won't be there as mr muhammed hassan and that's or covering today on today's episode i have a feeling a lot of people are pretty nervous about this episode today your thoughts i don't know why many we'd be nervous about it it's wrastling angle wrassling characters and talking about real live man so yes something to be nervous about the need to go find a mirror look inside explain why the hell you're nervous so let's talk about the man behind mohammed hassan because really people only know about the character what can you tell us about the man behind the character we'll play by joan by the name of more caponi and mark was a wrestler that was in the developmental territory in ohio valley wrestling he did come in and he was one of those young guys worked as but off had a good look had a good body busted his ass that's really bad all i knew about him anyway he was just well as young guys that was down a developmental have good luck as from north syracuse high school he graduated in ninety eight and he was born in november of eighty one and then he goes on to college and ultimately decides you know what i want to drop out of college and pursue a career in the wrassling business we wants up in ohio valley wrestling now to and eventually makes his debut later no to as mark magnus what was the rap on mark magnus when you first heard about this young upstart you know just just young guy kind of had the teen idol look i guess about him you young good looking guy typically he's a baby face mother fucker with good look you've got the a baby face the girls will love him so that was that was the essential rap he wasn't was an extraordinarily big guy wasn't extraordinaire didn't have a unique look really a unique story to him and kind of average really well here's the deal he he wants up working with a lot of talent names you would recognize johnny jeeter shelton benjamin red dog david flared the disciples of san chris cage there is a tone of talent in lovie w even goss like nick dinsmore who recently hit us up on twitter to say hey i'm just now listening to the archives and wwe does not own eugene so our apologies apparently in an episode from year or two ago you may have referenced the character is being a wbz creation but apparently nick is proud that he owns the gene character he may he may own the name now that was definitely a wwe creation though well one hundred percent while there you go was like we've got another twitter for you go and tell i won't get it a few but he may own the name now he may have got it we may let the let the name goes trademarks go what have you may never even trademarked it but the gimmick in the whole thing about it that was that was us he becomes the lovie w heavyweight champion in october of two thousand three a couple of months later he loses the belt and a three.

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