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There some sixty thought sixty people have died there and the numbers of people who are being reported as having the viruses in the thousands couple thousand but we we're also hearing reports that they're just reporting people who came down with pneumonia and died or got sick with pneumonia not necessarily the thousands of other people who have the virus at this point they have blocked off the exits and entrances to something like twelve or thirteen different cities now in China the list a lot tougher that course seven twenty five were staying top of traffic on the fives it is a bit foggy out there let's check in with bill Jacksonville yeah but the fog is been a contributing factor to us some of the traffic problems all morning so tough for us specially tough morning it turning tougher along I thirty first will Rockwall county I thirty once done Rochelle Boulevard the crashes reported blocking a lane there still the rank in garland unlike thirty this is eastbound past Zion road wreck with one lane getting by was spotted Galloway looks like they're still get trying to get a small moved from the right lane and another right now the I. thirty westbound on ramp from Jim Miller as you head toward downtown Dallas on loop twelve what Walker's some pundits for four away from left lane only is getting by then crank schon spur four oh eight north Bondi Keese Boulevard there's an accident on the left shoulder and in Arlington are like twenty westbound to Bollman springs an accident is reported with KLIF traffic on the fives I'm bill Jackson I'm meteorologist Brad Barton dense fog gives way to partly cloudy skies and high near sixty six this afternoon light southeast winds.

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