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Welcome back rush limbaugh half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair we have a couple of more soundbites here and we'll we're going to be getting your phone calls in the next half hour and i'm going to go to a whole bunch of my appreciation that you have been on hold for this long so jim jordan from ohio accused rosenstein of withholding information rosenstein got on his high horse about that jordan said why did you hide the fact that struck and judge contrary were friends biza judge why did you redact that in the document you gave to us judge contrary is kind of important of pfizer court judge moore importantly the judge heard mike flynn's case why did you try to hide that from us i am the deputy turns only united states okay i'm not the person doing the redacting my job is to make sure that we respond to your concerns we have sir now i've appointed mr lau ch who is managing that production my understanding is it's actually going very well and i think the house of representatives say otherwise but your use of this technique prided on wrong to stop personal we just want the information okay so rosenstein redacting all i do is run the department i don't know what's going on here i am point close all close doing nyc it's going pretty damn well congressman screw you and you're pretty damn well you won't give us what we want well i don't mean this is personal attacks on me we're doing a damn good job up here trying to stonewall your i mean preview what you want and jordan's not having any continued to bore in like this you tell peter struck not the entire questions yesterday when i asked peter struck if he'd ever communicated with glenn simpson gave us the answer he gave us dozens of times on advice of fbi counsel i can't answer that question why couldn't answer that question i appreciate your sincere concerns but i didn't get any instructions if there was some problem with instructions he had i'll be happy when you find some problem with a production and with questions it doesn't mean that i'm personally trying to conceal something from you he's running organization that's trying to follow the rules i couldn't answer that question i appreciate your saying isn't personal sometimes it feels that way how do i know sir i mean i you interviewed mr struck i didn't so i can't for you then work for us one hundred fifteen thousand people who worked for me right and i don't know a thing i'm just a guy sitting here i don't know what they're doing i'm not doing the redacting i'm not talking to lawyers i haven't told anybody to stonewalled you either what struck is telling you and i don't want struck isn't telling you i don't know anything i just run the department don't you understand how this bureaucracy works the people in charge of things don't know diddly squat congressman you mean to tell me you have no power over i'm not in charge of congress i'm just a guy trying to give you what you wanted by god i think we're doing a good job and i don't like the way you're personally attacking me i'm not personally attacking you i want to know why you're telling struck to stonewall i'm not telling struck anything i don't control anything i'm the deputy ag and we're supposed to accept this i run the department i can't be i got one hundred fifteen thousand people to work for me you think i know what every one of them are doing i couldn't begin to tell you so it is clear that rosenstein is absolving himself of any involvement or responsibility and then at the same time claiming that everything's peachy now some might theorize that this is strategic why is rosenstein doing have you heard the left and the drive by saying if trump fires rosenstein that's impeachable he can't fire of course trump can fire anybody anytime he wants and he doesn't need a reason now some may think that rosenstein is trying to goad trump into firing him so they can trigger some kind of new investigation into trump if that's the case trump isn't gonna fall for i don't think your phone calls are coming up next this is newsradio twelve hundred w san antonio and i heart radio station it's twelve thirty i'm megan bishop eighty nine degrees here are some of the stories we're following for you.

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