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Have empathy and have compassion. So skilled went to ten I'm not very good at that ten outstanding. Where would you put your saw? So you have three numbers. which leads us to the fourth area and that's a spiritual area. And listen spiritual area is really pretty easy for me to just help you understand. Here's what it works. If remove the physical, mental and emotional, and you remove all that whatever you have left. That's a spiritual peace. I thought it was interesting. I read recently about the spiritual area. We all have a spirit inside of us. You'll hear people talk about you know. That we've got the spirit that lives inside of us that drives us, or that connects US peacefully or connects us with joy and happiness joy. Under the difference. And peace and and I heard I heard i. read this, it said. Being spiritual is not going to church and thinking about kayaking. Being spirituals, going kayaking and thinking about God. That's being spiritual. So whatever that is for you. How is your training going spiritually? Meditation I some people say it's nature and people do say it's. How is it working for you? How's the training going? On a scale of one to ten. By the way. You've got four numbers. Right you those numbers as the legs of a chair. If the chair is uneven. It's bad on your posture and it's hard to get settled. And it's hard to. It's hard to sit. By the same token if the chairs to low. What happens is we can't eat at a normal table, so the whole idea is to bring up all four years of your life. Bring him up in balance. And then not only bring him up imbalanced, but bring them to the right level at your highest level. It's. Start Your training today started now. What can you do? What can you change speaking of somebody who loves talking about change? His name is Jason. Romano Jason is a speaker author. Media Consultant Church leader with twenty years of professional broadcasting experience on the regional and network level for seventeen years Jason was a senior manager producer at ESPN. He has created and produced content for shows. Such as sportscenter may have heard of that Monday night. Football may have heard of that Mike and Mike in the morning we offer to that Sunday NFL countdown. Come on man you had to of that. How About College Game Day? MLB's All Star game and you know during his time at ESPN Jason Produce content for ESPN radio which he loved. And you know what? He grew the talent producing department building relationships with some of the biggest names in sports, as well as create and managed. NFL ON ESPN social media channels growing to over six million followers. Jason has spoken to thousands of people at conferences, colleges, companies and churches. He's a big advocate of social media having built up such a huge following with ESPN and his own personal social feeds. Feeds as well as personal brand listen. He is so easy to reach out. You can reach out to him, but he's absolutely outstanding guy. He is the author of this book and he's got a brand new book coming out also called uniforms leadership. We're going to talk today about lifted. Forgive so everybody out there. Please welcome to a new direction and welcome to the show Jason Romano welcome better. Jay, thank you buddy so good to be with you. That was quite the introduction. I appreciate it my friend. You are so welcome. Listen this book I. This Book lifted forgetful I am. I have written you i. have told you a big Fan I am. The the book broke me down. I'm going to be really be honest about that. There was a point I. Dictate the Book Out Loud when I do the notes of the book. And there's a there's a point where on dictating the book out loud. Because my typing quite frankly slower than dictation and I'm reading these things out loud, and I'm finding tears rolling down my eyes, and of course you do, is you. Of course you have to go head? Poke me right in the chest and go, so what's hurting inside you? Big Fella and I'm like. Wow I. Wasn't ready for that, but it is a great book. It is a book. That I believe. Is it touches people this book? Is Really a book about you and your father and the relationship. Between, you and your dad and actually take you and the bottle and we say that yeah. Absolutely right, so let's let's just start where it all starts in chapter one. It's called finding your father secret the importance of feeling and it starts. You're all excited. Summer Nineteen eighty-four. Dad takes you to ticket master. It's the giants versus the Eagles of course. Dad's a giants fan, urine. Eagles fan what happened. Well I'll preface it by saying. I'm not an eagles fan. My brother is actually eagles fan and he would. He would yell at me. Advice Guy. You're a cowboys Guy I. Am a cowboys guy, so if I just rolled up, it's GonNa be like Yep, I'm an eagles fan. My brother would like come after me right now to season imagine that household eagles cowboys giants. It was. It was quite the household growing up what you're missing. The redskins in that House I know the only team were missing crazy, but as a kid I really didn't care I mean I would love to have seen Dallas. But you, take a kid to a game. It.

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