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Podcast. I'm your host and pharmacists air. Christianson. Thank you so much for listening in those of you who have left a kind review in writing Ma doing my best to, to make sure the, the content stays good and relevant. So today, we're going to cover sofas Salazie seen a brand name of this medication is offering, and it's category its pharmacological category is a five essay type compound in that stands for five amino salicylic acid derivative. Now what this medication is used for out in clinical practice. If you can remember that this drug is typically used for inflammatory type diseases autoimmune type diseases, you should be on the right track. Their most commonly, what I have seen in my practice is rheumatoid arthritis being used for that. Also definitely has a role or a have seen used in all stripped, colitis and Crohn's disease. So some bowel and GI type disorders there, and I have seen it used for psoriasis occasionally as well. So very common disease states that are definitely out there that you'll see in this drug can be used within the, the treatment algorithm. For those types of disease states. Mechanistically how this drug works and how it benefits a patient with these potential disease states. It's really not that well understood we recognize it can help to reduce inflammation, and it's theorized at least by a couple possible mechanisms so reduction, and inflammation is possible through tumor necrosis factor. In addition, again, this is theorized. It's not very well. Understood exactly how this drug works. Adverse effects, very important adverse effect. Very common adverse effect of a job said. So now Zia vomiting and because of this, this is one of the reasons why we try to divide up the dose in not give one big daily dose once during the day. So you'll often see this drug split up to is probably the most common spreading out of dosages that I see. So, you know, morning and evening, for example, in again, that's to kinda help ease that, that burden or that stomach upset that the medication can cause. There is a sofa component with this medication as you could. Well, guess, probably by the name, sulpha, Salazie, so rash, risk patients with assault allergy. We have to be aware of that at least in recognize and, and take a bit of caution with those type of patients that have maybe if had allergic reactions in the past, and, or skin reactions to other medications that may have a similar structure, similar component within them another adverse effect can reduce the absorption of folic acid. So if you remember full of acid, it's important for a bunch of different things, but definitely in the context of anemia full like acid deficiency can lead to development of anemia. They're so important to remember that aspect into think about that in a patient, who may be taking self cells Zine. There are some kind of rare or more serious unique adverse effects though. These don't happen very often, but they certainly can be pretty serious, so hypnotic issues. That's the first one I kind of think about so monitoring. LSAT's is going to be important there. Also rarely may see a plastic in Nimia and a granules toast us risk as well. Now, this can be exacerbated by patients who are on other medications, you know, I think of methotrexate as far as liver goes, a granules toasts us, you know, the drugs that can suppress the, the immune system, for example there. But again, for monitoring, we're gonna look at LSAT's for liver in CBC you might see a done periodically to monitor for those other things. Now a really, really important patient education, point that I do. See get missed once in a while is the onset of action of medications. And this is a drug that takes a while to work. So let's take that example of rheumatoid arthritis. This drug is not intended to treat and manage a rheumatoid arthritis flare, the onset of action is going to be usually multiple weeks. Three plus before you're going to start seeing some decent efficacy, and helping with those symptoms. So really early important educate your your patients saying, you know, this is not going to be a silver bullet. It's not gonna work right away. It takes some time to work. So good education point to remember, their fear of pharmacists or pharmacy student in the market for board. Certification material go check out method wanna one dot com slash.

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