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So resilient saying, no matter what your adversity. Is or your, you know your difference, the lack of a better way to say it. I think resilience is important muscle in your body. We all go to the gym and we run and do all these other exercise kind of thing. But I think if we put as much time in that stuff in our physical health is we do into our resiliency health. I think it gets easier and easier. And certainly I felt like my years in the hospital help me get a big leg up on on building resilience because I, I had no choice. I had to decide that I I'm going to have a good life, but I'm gonna go for it. I'm going to have dreams and goals and pursue them. And you know, that became an easier and easier as I practice it from a very young age, but you're never too old to work on that muscle. So telling me where they can find you if they want to learn more about the Roloff farm, read your books and kind of find out what's new in your life. How can they find that? Well, the my latest project of very excited about, in fact, I'm going. On the road. I'm gonna be a city near you to a lot of people out there that haven't announced my full chore, but I have a new book out about resiliency. It's a true story about my dog Lucy and to children's book. It's a picture book. So it's back to for going back to my roots and trying to educate children about resiliency and about acceptance and being different and to NASA be. And the name of the book is called little Lucy big race, and I'm hoping to start to a series that's been widely popular. And fact.

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