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I imagine you know Martin Short that you guys together must be just incredibly entertaining How often do you see him? Are you close with him? Everyone wants to be closed About Ob. When I was in La, I was in la for seven months making a penny dreadful city of angels. So my husband and I had a wonderful dinner with him and and you know we talk on the phone from time to time but he's know he's also been very busy with he Steve Martin. Right? They've been touring literally touring up to the last minute before the shut said the in in Ireland England doing their their show which is. Hilarious. Is this your first season on penny dreadful? Yes. This is the first season. It's a new iteration under the any dreadful title the ones that Josh Hartnett had previously starred in that's and that's a whole new cast. Yourself included you can't wait to talk about it. Just to go back really quick. When you did then Nathan decide to pursue theater acting Did you move directly to New York was that was that the path that see most obvious I received a drama scholarship to. This place Saint Joseph's College in Philadelphia. I remember auditioning for it and getting this promise dollar should we had no money for college and so I was getting a government loan student loans in this scholarship and then I went. To the first day I, had my bags were put in the room and I went in and they told me that owed them more money. I was going to have to take out another loan to help hey, for college and I guess I found this very upsetting this is a long time ago and my brother Dan was with me and he could see how upset I wasn't. He said well, listen you know there's no law that says you have to go to college right now you could take some time off, get a job in work and make some money. So you're not concerned about all these student loans and I said okay. Let's go I bags, I, went home, and then someone some sinister family connection. Got Me a job as a bail interviewer at the seventh precinct in Jersey city bail interviewer. Bail interviewer in which I would do the paperwork with the court clerk and at see if the person being arrested could be released on their own recognizance. And I would have to fill out the paperwork. So people who are being arrested. One to me. Why would have to ask them if they owned any real estate? All my guy talking about character study and I did this for about a month and then I had previously worked for a little Non Equity Theater Company at the half Penny playhouse that was in residence at Uppsala. College. In East Orange New Jersey and they put together a little musical review. For. The upcoming bicentennial. About the history of New Jersey Cold Years Jr.. And and so that was sort of my first job out of ALMO- it's like waiting for government. It's a little like waiting. and. We toured all over the state doing a doing this little musical chand every day playing the children and. But Professional I mean, technically you're making money doing was making money and then and then eventually I got my equity card because they also put together a musical revue about the metric system. Applause they. There was some talk of perhaps America was going to go metric. Course. Never do that. We could net unless the show is ahead won't stay inside little learn the metric system. But nowadays time musical revue gold one for good measure and. That's how I got my actors Equity Card, and by then I had moved from Roth afraid to Manhattan I read when that happened there was a Joseph. Lane right. There was already a Joseph Louis. There was already a Joseph Lane and actors equity and they said you you're GONNA have to change your name and I said and they you. You can take some time just about him vice did know just give me a minute. I went and I sat on a bench in limb and I had done. At that point I done summer stock non-equity Stock I. Worked at a place called the What was it? The Mac Hayden Theater in Chatham upstate new. York Chatham New York and. They did musicals eight musicals in eight weeks in August. It's near the Red Barn is at the Red Barn. Maybe now I don't know whether it's still exists or what had. It's So I did I had worked there and I've done a lot of shows and and and I had also done a non-equity production of guys and dolls where I played Nathan Detroit and I think I was twenty one at the time. And So I, I had always loved this character of point and the name, and so I I said, okay I'll be native way. It's got a great ring to it. And then how thrilling Nathan was it to play that part on Broadway years later? Yeah unbelievable. Agreed come true that that happened is I I really I so love that show. I just think it's one of the greatest musical ever written. And it was Yeah. I. I Yeah. It's an amazing thing that happened who does call you Joseph or Joe I my brothers call Dan. Yeah Usually they'll say Nathan. It must be weird for them. You know there's like Oh tation mark surrounded when they ha-. Maybe. When they think you're being like too much of an actor diva your Nathan Nate. Yeah. But now they still call me Joe how quickly once you're in New York do things start happening and are you nervous I mean I know you have your equity card and all that and you've done summer stock you've you've been making money doing accurate I imagine you you know not that quickly. I can remember of starving sharing an apartment with a woman I worked with in summer stock. You know sleeping in the living room and and. You know I can remember coming home. They would have like a market of fruit market you know A. And like stealing a A great group. I was hungry. A BLUEBERRY What? Just to. Ask I. Had done. You know I was doing on jobs like. Telegrams and. All you did singing telegram selling things by phone in Oh TV guide. Little. It was a thing called a bowl worker. The ISOMETRIC. Say you've Uniprix your your chest your Maytham is naming i. have to tell everyone this this move. Now I'm doing it so about it was a plastic thing you. Sell that I? Imagine you'd be good at. Phone. I had to use a Harris surveys. So I I I did things a little off Broadway. But A it. took a long time and what happened was At a certain point done a little off off Broadway review and I worked with.

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