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High school closed for the day because of a fire that started in an electrical cabinet. The deadly crash east into elderly victims killed when an SUV traveling very high speed slams into them. Thirty-three-year-old Sherry Vasquez of eastern trying to get away. Instead, she'll be in court and the Bruins are headed to the Stanley Cup final sweeping. The hurricanes Theresa May says she will step down as British Prime minister. She agree to set a timetable for her exit early next month. I spoke today with ABC news. Correspondent Tom rivers who provide some insight on this latest development. Totally unexpected. It came out of a thought of a meeting last night. It's called the nine hundred twenty two committee there, basically lawmakers conservative party lawmakers who are not members of the cabinet and they said, we want you to go like, go real quick, and she was able to stave off saying, look, we'll do it ask her. We have a final if he will run through withdrawal Bill. Probably very similar to the three that got shot down earlier and that will happen the week of the third. Of June is interesting. That's week at the president's here as well. So going to be a lot of action that particular run. What's the prospect that Britain will be getting a new prime minister before it officially leaves a European Union? Currently scheduled, I believe October thirty first, exactly Well, I, I would guess, in suggest to guest because everybody in the party's already lined up about a half dozen leading members. You remember the former foreign secretary bores Johnson. He the kind of the, the leading horse right now but they're already out there campaigning. And I would guess she'll be gone probably late June, maybe early July, maybe before the summer break. So it is a clean break. And then get back in the fall, they have their conferences and pointed out, thirty first of October as deadline to get out of the European Union Theresa May's now agreeing to exit weather her plan passes or not Tom wind this change in tune. Well, again, people have been so frustrated. Yes. Something like eighty percent of the lawmakers in her own party saying you've had you've had three runs at this now and the fourth is going to get probably be the same result, and it is time for you to go. Go quickly, don't don't be mad just go away. And she argued ways, probably the weakest prime minister, this country is seen going back to before World War Two so it's a it's a sad. Sad time for the people of the UK, who are looking for some real leadership right here and right now that they try to get out of the European Union, and dealing with the other problems of the world as per usual, again, if ABC's Tom verse you can hear our full coversation on our website, WBZ, ten thirty dot com. It is twelve eighteen President Trump is delaying tariffs on imports of car, or car parts from Europe and Japan for six months. The president says he has determined those imports or harming the American. Auto industry and are considered a national security threat. He also says other countries have one hundred eighty days to address the problem through trade agreements with United States. Now, if those trade agreements cannot be reached Mr. Trump says he will decide then whether and what further action needs to be taken that could include imposing twenty-five percent tariffs on foreign vehicles. In a statement today, the European Union trade Commissioner said, quote, we completely reject the notion that our car exports are a national security threat to the US for me. Former army intelligence analyst and WikiLeaks source. Chelsea Manning is back in jail. She was found in contempt of court for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury investigating WikiLeaks after the court recently unsealed a criminal indictment against the site's, founder, Julian Assange manning was jailed, two months ago for refusing to testify, and unless she eventually agreed to do, so we'll stay incarcerated for another eighteen months Zachary. L Wheeler is US attorney for the eastern district of.

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