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A full fledged member of the church of Satan along with her road manager victory Houston, while she never attended public church of Satan rituals, Anton arranged private ceremonies just for her Levin said quote, Jane didn't want to get involved with groups of people for rituals seminars. Parties the whole idea for her was to get away from crowds. That's why she didn't quietly slip into the back of the room during my seminars. She wanted to get me all to herself and quote Mansfield. Field was by far the most famous person who had ever associated themselves with the church the type of publicity that this celebrity endorsement could bring Anton and his organization was unimaginable. So it's no surprise that. He bend over backwards to accommodate her. However, Sam Brody was less than thrilled about Anton newfound influence over Mansfield one day when she requested a chauffeur to take her to the black house Brody insisted he joined her while at the house Brody wandered into the chapel where Anton performed his rituals and began to waive candles from the altar around in a mocking fashion. When lavar found him Brody had just lit a skull shaped candle that was used for destruction rituals a frustrated Anton blew the candle out Brody was beginning to get on his nerves. Levine told him quote, you shouldn't have done that. You don't know. What you've done that candle is used only for curses. I don't know. What's going to happen to you? Now. I only hope I've put it out in time and quote brody's controlling behavior began to get out of hand with him even going so far as to forbid Mansfield from wearing certain items of clothing, she would call at night crying. Uncontrollably. Complaining about the ways Brody was ruining her life. One particularly bad night in January nineteen sixty seven. Jayne, Mansfield had locked herself in the bathroom and made a desperate telephone call to Lavelle she begged him to come help. Her Levin could hear Brody screaming in the background banging on the door. Finally, Brody broke the door open and grabbed the phone from her. He told avai, quote, she's never to talk to you. Again, you hear that? I don't ever want to catch you talking to her again, you're Charlotte. Tin, and I can make plenty of trouble for you. I'll expose you and quote Levin did not take kindly to brody's insolence. He responded quote. I don't have to listen to this. I won't let anybody call me a quack. It's too bad. You're taking this attitude. I've tried to be pleasant to you even at times when you deserve to be put down. But now you've gone too, far my power exceeds anything, you can imagine. And now you're going to feel it you will be dead in a year. Sam Brody I pronounce that you will be dead within one year, and quote later that same night Labib conducted a private destruction ritual against Brody. This entailed ceremonially writing brody's name on a piece of parchment and burning it in the flame of destruction as the parchment was engulfed in flames Levin, invoke the powers of the infernal. One's commanding that Brody likewise be destroyed within the specified time. Sam Brody had attacked Anton LA's reputation. This was unacceptable to Levin. He wanted to teach Brody a lesson. Anton called Jayne Mansfield to warn her of the curse he had placed on her boyfriend while Brody eventually called LA three days later to apologize. Anton told him it was too late. The wheels had already been set in motion. And even if he wanted to there was nothing they could do to stop the curse within a few months. Jane man's. Field and Sam Brody would both be dead. Next week will discuss the rest of Anton levies journey and examine how he was able to generate a loyal following of people from all walks of life, including Hollywood stars. We'll also go more into depth about the practices and beliefs of the church of Satan who the members were and the reasons they joined and how some people believe anti avai was responsible for the death of Jayne, Mansfield and Sam Brody..

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