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The kind of this promise the the league is andrew this exciting new era with great stars and the and and all the rest of it but i do need to underneath that there's like these people just didn't have the money just didn't have you know like the wherewithal to sustain anything over the long term this also comes on the heels of in the eighties late eighties particular well a couple of times in the eighties or maybe a symbolic perhaps precursor of some of the troubles in the story of the once again then not and then again yet again montreal matt's maybe maybe a little bit of background on that because i think it's a good scene center for your year right you're the poster boy for the fly by night on in in the bell that dude named nelson scowl baying who so my hometown who made a lot of money in real estate and and he was he was actually the guy inside way gretzky in the what's but he goes into montreal and the alouette have been a wildly successful franchise through the seventies coached by marv levy with the you know number players went onto the nfl grapes efl players all favor routinely put fifty sixty thousand the big oh so nelson's galvin looks and then go cheese if we bring semantic fell into this i can only imagine what we're gonna do so he goes out vince air damn what was like white shoes johns and james gone from the chicago bears keith gary from the steelers first round or david overstreet and they go out and they couldn't be aig and so he said he made of course plots for two years i believe the year is it's in the early eighties eighty one eighty two that all this happened and of course gallini runs out of money and he's nowhere to be seen so now the alouette led to scramble then.

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