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S._e._c. added martin matt bark is going to be a new quarterback. I always thought why go to u._c._l._a. Incorporate a starter over there as a freshman right so that's the way i always think of these young blue-chip quarterbacks why why go somewhere place if you knocked on everyone believes they can go someplace going into a program. I'm going to beat that guy to start a once. You get there and you realize he's the same class as me and he's going to be golden. Boy i gotta go and play someplace else in the transfer portal is not without risk once you once you enter into the transfer portal u._s._c. than gives your for scholarship to someone else and you waiting and looking around correct and if you don't get one i guess if you're that good you gotta get one site. Thank some other school like i say most scholarships or spoken for. They've got to figure out drew. You know they got to figure out somebody's got to bring him in for next year yeah and and he goes in into into this report on sees what happens. I agree with you. I if it were me i don't wanna go someplace and since baseball cap yeah. I want an opportunity unity play even if it's a smaller school think especially exactly especially when you think you've got n._f._l. Caliber talent and so you gotta go play so who it was out of. The quarterback matt cassel another problem. He just sat on the end of the bench and he got to the n._f._l. And carved out a career but for the most career was just sitting there watching yeah and i. I think you only have one college career. If you're going to go and just sit the whole day coaches try and spin it well they should they should stick with their commitment and try and beat the guy out coaches who stick with their commitment. Take the next best job yeah. That's what i was just going to say. I i liked to transfer. It wasn't there when you were there. If you were at minnesota <hes> and you wanted to leave they would have made you pay for it with a year of eligibility. Gotta sit out but now that's no longer if you if you transfer you can play right away. No matter what on was if he i think he in the case of sears he's going to have to wait and play next year but jalen hurts played last year for alabama who went into the trance reportable and that he's the starting quarterback this year for oklahoma. Which i approve of russell wilson did that was at n._c. State and he left to go to wisconsin. <hes> and i'm i'm in favor of it coaches to it all the time. Actually why shouldn't players exactly should not sit. I should be able to transfer and play right away college. Weren't you michael well. <hes> yesterday you had in fasttrack had the question over why carli lloyd is not taking up her offered. Yes kicker vicar tonight to make tomorrow to learn how to make history the aesthetical place on stupid useless friendly game against portugal that means nothing whatever's a preseason exhibition one local n._f._l. Player has suggested that if carli lloyd takes up the n._f._l. On their offered that she will get trampled old. We'll tell you who it is next michael thompson information. I'm john ireland e._s._p._n. L._a. top of the hour or <hes> the coach the raiders joins us the.

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