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From the Mon broadcast cetera. KPCC? This is the frame, I'm John horn on today's show the nominations for the writers guild awards are out, and we'll hear from several of the nominees then celebrity photographer. Mark Seliger has had some strange ideas for his photo shoots sometimes involving live pigeons or baby doll heads. But he has a strategy for getting his way somebody's going to get nervous about it. If it's not the publicists that might be the artist. So I always lean towards not giving it up too quickly and Eugene directly has a Grammy nomination for his documentary. The king which argues that Elvis is a metaphor for America all that coming up on the frame. KPCC podcasts are supported by Warner Brothers pictures, presenting the emotionally authentic. A star is born directed by Bradley Cooper. Starring Cooper, lady Gaga and Sam Elliott for consideration. And all categories if he see see podcasts or supported by FOX searchlight, presenting the favourite nominated for three Screen Actors Guild awards for best actress, Olivia Colman and supporting actresses, Emma stone, Rachel vice awards eligible in all categories. Welcome to the frame, I'm John horn the nominations for the writers guild of America words were announced today and unlike that absurd ceremony last night these awards often mirror the Academy Award nominations. The Oscar nominations will be announced on January twenty second. Just like the academy the WG a has two categories one for original screenplays and one for adapted works and a lot of these movies are also considered front runners. For the Academy Award for best picture, we've had several of the WG a nominees on the frame, and we'll bring you some excerpts today. The shortlist for adapted. Screenplay is Black Panther can you ever? Forgive me. A star is born if Beale street could talk and black klansman earlier today, I spoke with Spike Lee about black clansmen, which is based on the memoir by Ron stallworth. A black policeman in Colorado who infiltrated the KKK in the late nineteen seventies. This David Duke grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan that David do last time. I checked what can I do for? Well since you asked. I hate blacks. I hate Jews Mexicans an Irish and anyone else really that doesn't have pure white Aryan blood running through their veins. I'm talking about true white American. God bless white America. I asked about the tone of the script that he co wrote with Kevin Willmott among other writers and lease started with how producer Jordan Peele pitched him on the films. Premise win Jordan pill gave me the pitch of the film the six word pitch. Black men. Infiltrates KKK the first word Kane. My mind is is true and endurance that. Yes. And then the next word. This is observed so the Umer this is not a comedy the Yuma from black. Classic comes from the sturdy of the premise. Karen that weren't writing jokes Lee were getting humor organically from the premise berry Jenkins who two years ago when the best picture Oscar for moonlight adapted the James Baldwin novella if Beale street could talk into a movie of the same name, it's the first Baldwin book turned into an American feature film Jenkins said he was attracted by many elements of the Baldwin story, especially the young couple at its centre. How much the young lovers meant. Which other was the first thing that grabbed me it just such a I mean jumps off the page. A certain way, and especially in this novel because you know, Mr. Baldwin wrote with two very distinct voice as he wrote with many voices, there were two that always jumped out to me the most one which just almost enraptured with this idea of sensuality with love with romance with passion. The other one was just as searing about depicting societal injustices, and particularly the way that the lives and souls of black folks has been treated, you know, by the country that we all call call home. And so when I read the book for the first time and saw just how how devoted Titian Fani arts one another. I was just I don't know. How can you not be lifted up by that in the rigid screenplay race? The nominees are eighth grade..

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