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Touch with the The focal point of my work. You know I'm seeking ways to translate though the Po- I'm seeking ways to bring us into resonance with our unique and abundant life force energy and I also wanted a break from worrying about what to wear at events or just in the street or anywhere and I knew that it was gonna be a year of hard works. I made it work suit for myself to sit. So that's all you wear the ATHOL eyewear. How many of those do you have pled eleven twelve nasty like a superhero? You just get in the cost every day. That's the that's the goal. That's the goal. Be Superhero. Yeah Yeah I'm my version of it. Be a super me. You know so what I'm interested. What Joni I've never met Joni Mitchell? Oh you will I would love to. Yeah we're both Canadian after all fax. What did she say to you? What when when she heard what you're doing man I don't remember. She said all kinds of things it was it was out of body out of body but later. I did play some jam sessions I got to play Bass for her and I got to play an arrangement for her of the wolf. That lives in Lindsey. And she doug that I did did she. Was she singing when you were playing now? I just prefer yeah once. I played for her when she was thinking like living room. Like a session. Like this you know. She invites musicians and we play the song she wants to sing. And and people play song that she wants to hear our songs that they are working on that they've like so you talked about playing with with Herbie Hancock. What what's it like playing with Joni Mitchell? Well it's the deepest listening you've ever done in your life. She's the deepest listening ever is not about women. Play with Johnny. I am listening for what she's doing in that moment and where her voice is going and I wanNA offer the the the tones the rhythms that make it feel good for her to sink at that moment you know. How did it go was perfect perfect? She Sang Lover Man a couple of the tunes old Song Government. Okay Yeah there's she loves you know. Loves JAZZ CLASSICS THE STANDARD? She had trouble for a long time finding bass player. Show said basically didn't understand music 'cause YOU DID. I'll I'll know That's interesting you did okay. Yeah Yeah we'll be back with more brisk conversation with Esperanza spalding. After a quick break. We're back before here. The rest of Bruce's interview with US Baraza. Listen to a track. Offer Album Emily's de-evolution. We'll talk a bit more about in a second I. Here's the song change us then. A storm is already a woman club owned in the live. But then see you on the on shine and for some more share overly and David Ladder Ball. That affects your.

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