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One of the best political satire has ever for me that clip was great and i wanted to hear a little bit more of that unequipped frustration film because there's some really interesting ideas and observations about money and power and tv but there was a lot of other stuff that really didn't work as well you mean kinda subplot t yeah i mean okay so i thought it was a i thought it was really interesting film and i'm glad to what chicks it said things that i've not seen said anywhere else sending kind of mainstream movies and it is also to be applauded how willing were beat is to make himself look ridiculous in this film is kind of we give occasion it kinda worked some two levels because you've got his character is doing something which has never been seen or heard before and then at the same time you got the film essentially delivering that same message and in a 1998 is his way before a bomb a time when people sunni in why hollywood would have been talking about this stuff for the media at large is is a interesting film an unopposed a risky film who born beta to have made the time okay the bullets if you didn't can't chip is about a liberal politician whose pretty much in ways in the midst of a nervous breakdown who first of all puts out a contract on his own life and then rediscovers his mode show and an extraordinary and careerthreatening line in honesty basically through the medium of hip hop and halle berry a know we'd kind of left termed through south central kenny cool off the hate in time will heed the a hit with the voters these the the questions that this kind of broad political false is dealing with so i was saying that there are some really interesting ideas but my issue with the film at the same time because of course i have an issue with these films is how narcissistic it is it's kind of white hollywood superstar running through compton as a knight in shining armor and even though they are kind of ridiculous things that he he does.

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