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1988. This is the end of the Reagan era. George H. W. Bush George SR is about to run for president for the first time in 1988. He's the heir apparent and plump sets out. A zip the challenge George H. W. Bush. Any even goes Penny. You're backing out. I'm totally out of time. But crank. It's been a delight. Thank you. So much for joining us General Public and senators and meeting with President Biden in the Oval Office. They're presenting their $618 billion counterproposal to the president's nearly $2 trillion American rescue plan. We saw this as a good faith proposal. They put forward good faith effort to have a discussion. The president's inviting them here and good faith on we will see where it goes from here. Press Secretary John sake, describing the meeting as an exchange of ideas. January was the deadliest month for the U. S in the Corona virus Pandemic. And ABC News Analysis of data compiled by the covert tracking project says there were approximately Four times the number of reported covert 19 fatalities than any other month. From June to October of last year. Ah major winter Storm continues to pummel the Northeast over a foot has fallen in New York's Central Park, Andy and blustery, but It's good what they experience it. If the dog's air for it, I'm for it. Governors across the region are urging people not to travel Daria Alvin your ABC News KGO.

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