North Korea, Orlando, President Trump discussed on C-SPAN


To have ab beyond that there will be no conversations with north korea this time there are three americans still detained in north korea lines of communication that's what you primarily well that would be the only reason for us to have conversations with him at this time however the point diplomacy is not worth pursuing there's a difference between talking paint diplomatic pressure we still strongly support putting diplomatic pressure on north korea which were continuing to do uh but now is not the time simply to have conversations with north korea we've encouraged all of our allies and partners to do more and we're going to continue to keep all options on the table it comes to that even hey it's rotten tough twenty nine control policy after the orlando shooting the president was out on top house topclass talent so when for example senator chris murphy says it's time for congress to count and do something is actually agree with in that congress should get up and do something i'm not sure that it's specific to that but i think congress has had several months of doing very little and we'd like to see some actual legislation come threatens from see has atlanta's the congress question again we haven't had the moment to have a deep dive on the policy part of that we'd been focused on the fact that we had a severe tragedy in our country and this is a day of mourning atomic bringing our country together next than a focus on the administration this morning is heroin he's talking about the taliban saying he wanted gradually there is a difference between being a candidate being present i wanna ask more last night a bill is advancing to the house republicans clear to through the house me enough resources net would among other things make it easier for people to find silencers hillary clinton tweeted about swing she said imagine this deaths in las vegas the shooter as silencer which the nra wants to me easier again smiles opposition on on this particular piece of legislation out again i haven't spoken with the president about at specific issue but i don't think that that is something that would have changed on again i think before we start trying to talk about the prevention of what took place last night we need to know more facts.

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