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Somebody that wanted to go there and and and stay the New York trainers yes and and so it was looking for somebody to do that. You know we were unable to sort of brought up with reeve involved and so it's like like he'll go out there for me which I'm a little bit side to because they'll give me an opportunity to you know maybe send some auto out there and and go in Powell. Maybe some sources are Johnny or whoever will elsewhere got that you know it'll make it a lot easier without having somebody there instead of having a pack them up and send them out there and bring them back and all that so well and it's hard to resist you know hard to resist that condition book with the kind of the kind of money involved and I don't blame. I don't blame John Anthony this way this way he can. He can mix it up with Alex Leib long and all the other prominent oaklawn owners hope. I love the place. It's really on that helps way. You know I think that you know I'll talk to Luis Selo well laugh f August and then all of this before that and I think they're very enthusiastic about what's going on out there and prove that they're making I mean they're building hotel tail and I was asking John what the town thinks about the hotel and he said well they're mad about the hotel was that he's goals. They wanted to be bigger expansion of the Casino Hotel and with you know a couple extra weeks of of racing almost a month more racing you know. I think that I think that is the place it's really a race practice on the on the upswing you know they're not afraid to put their money into the purses and they even overnight in the states and try to Bacon on track to place to become the race. There's no doubt about it. Short leaf the the LOB lolly the current incantation of of LOB lolly and Crockett's bluffed trouble on call Blah Blah the right. Why wouldn't you but he after after he kind of laughed and came back and shortly is the is the race name you know and this is a tale of the cat cold Crockett's bluff today with forest voice at Laurel and high north who actually saw north at Oaklawn and when he was that the northern spur may be in la your art last year and then it? Let's also touch on the New York maidens on Saturday shook because really nice guard for Champagne Day and let's just touch on these because I haven't really done any of the any of the pedigree work but let's run downhill. Let me turn to my Pilaf. The PS you got yeah. The Fourth Harlem Harlem Heights burned eating philly big coun- LEGGY Philly a last throw out. Amanda Shave passed so she has this report of injury and I race was a good race. She was on the inside and got started up in the whole probably about five six cm poll and won rave for that and he had to check her out of there and then he tried another one and you know we end up being four not be you know that far. I think the race will help her but you know I think if she's going to be a good phillies going to be next year just because she's likes he's a big big league account billy but I'm looking forward to run or ground on Saturday and you know thanks for making good account yourself and then got battle boo edge in a very very tough up to your waist but opposes further phrase was pretty good race officer told them where he finished for the vita ways but L. I like this race and came out of it and he's trained well. these are some new people for me. tease would never met the the the head people from amenable Friday but Robert Landrieu's are are gathered visor and stuff. I know for good while it was the right good rider up there and he sort of asked me. I'd take some. I've got him. I'm an I've got to really Nice Billy's form at fair hill I mean they look like they're nice and I'm looking afforded Ryan. I think you run a good race and and we'll see what happens but you know like I say it's a it's a pretty salty race for a mile outrace Belmont this time of year and then. US Army warfront Cold Joe Allen's that ran really well for star Serotonin face for from was only be a little ways. was in contention to still last part of it and got a little bit of kind of runny nose situation and Sir told he was one of them so I had to kind of buy off of anybody works for being good and you know which raining I think we'll have like you'll they'll always in there on Saturday nights so a trio in the three the maiden races and you talked about the saltiness of that seventh race it includes the one point eight million dollar Larry Best Kirwin coal from the keeneland sale last year vintage print that Chad Brown has got and few other few other Nice purchases and the Nice pedigrees and you know the Shug you gotta horse like this this this Malibu Wedge Malibu out of the storm cap mayor by chiefs would this is this is going to put you on the Queen's Plate Path Areas Ontario version. I hope that guy that'd be fun. That'd be something that'd be diversity but you know I like the situation with the with the chiefs words people looking forward to meeting them on Friday. They've also got one in the house. Somebody's that Marquette's and stuff all home and so you know other they will do. They said they always do in Ontario so but I thank you know can be okay and and I'm over four to run him on Saturday. Well it it. It's fun to see you getting some getting some new yes some new owners and expanding the operation at at this stage year career two thousand wins in well. I mean it's off. You know they've got they've come back. They WANNA THEY WANNA have he'd go on and have quality mayors breed and you know I mean he's just all last September. Eleven September right team ah sold the colts and we only had one philly in Philly and Abba cold yearling and which I've got one of those around my inner today for for Sunday Call Tyler move and you know eh and he's got ten or twelve but kind of had it gives me an opportunity to look up some new stuff and you know hopefully you know like with a code of honor and you know I had a philly and still got her. I Andrews WanNA steak and Mama. The summer called Pink Sands Vander Rosen gains way and you know he's got Europe has got a he's got a nice Carlin. Philly out of first passage it's yearling and so you know it gives you a chance to look at some new stuff and you know just like with Andrea and Helen trained your mother and train Allen for for her mother's sister for long for a long time uh-huh but you know she sent me just building. Hopefully she's GonNa work out to be okay. Now I mentioned I mentioned yesterday A- and again this morning when looking forward to to talking that you you've got as as active a barn as as you have in in recent memory and some exciting things and and that was even before this decision to take code honor out to out to the Breeders Cup which only ratchets things up and you know it's funny we we we thought you were competing for three year old championship and you're reaching reaching for the brass ring going after the year now well. I mean you know obviously that's that's up in our in our remind but you know I'm not I'm chasing racist more on chasing championships but that also is on my mind you know I said if we could go out there and make a good show on at my my enhance or through euro situation and also could give us you know chance of maybe being being horse of the year and that'd be a big feather and had either one of them and you know how would they would be very satisfactory to me and Mr Parrish you said earlier. I've never won the classic again. you know these kind of opportunities just don't come up for gone with the limited stable that much so. I think that it's time Tom started taking advantage of some of these opportunities and is also doing doing right. won't take a chance because you know if on the game winning they absolutely right and you think about the thinking about your jockey club Gold Cup winners van Landingham was the Iranian was your first Breeders Cup star of any kind right yup how `bout that landing on a giant Gold Cup day I interviewed for the job how about that that's great and and then out to out to Breeders Cup and he was he was seventh that year and then you came back with easy goer in eighty nine and miners mark wanted to in in ninety-three those your other your the other cops well really excited by this and news and everything else that's going on. Get lucky with a laundry tomorrow as well and we'll look forward to talking and seeing you out at Santa Anita stable. Thanks a lot for calling it's always tremendous to get this is kind of visited and get caught up not just on his current horses but everything else that's going on and you know you you get choked to take courses for you and you gotta you gotta be excited. The chiefs would people in Ontario Gianetti Anthony who started out you think about it landing Amazon as he just just discussed also was there was there was another there was another early I should have asked that yet another early success with John Ed as well any better Joe Allen still and Andrew Rosen Phipps Janney operations that he's got a couple of for parcels okay. That was fun. I I could just sit and listen to him and he's just he's amazing. Take a break here. Come back and I guess we'll at this point. You might as well go to Gopher Tony at the top of the hour and then nick o'clock is going to visit we'll get segmented with him and talk about the Arc Sunday the ascot skit action and maybe a couple of those euros that are showing up for the shad well and then some other impressions he's been he's been stateside for the NBC telecasts. What else what else went on how about yesterday hey what seth was on we we glanced at those races and the one horse yesterday that I was interested in betting was that typical in the nightcap it and boy oh boy that was that was a tough beat at a big price sixteen scene two one and just josh missed? I ran a very good second but boy would have would have really preferred yeah would have much preferred the typical get up in that spot boy that would have been I would've been alright and the the funny thing is the race. We're going to the movies at so Titas telling me turn off your phone. Turn off your phone turned off so and I ended up turning off the phone and the race went off. I don't know ten minutes in and I thought I was going to get away with it. They were it wasn't the movie was started. They were running. They were running previews but she's a stickler for not. The phone turned off the phone. Okay all right. You're so so then went to the you know whether the bathroom after the Boob boot up the phone I see she finished the second and was beaten. The nose and I just actually maybe it's a good thing. It's a good thing. Actually I did not see it before for the movie because I I would I yeah it was good that I saw after then I pulled up the the replay. Should we have good fred very good at sixteen to one so it wasn't. I was not unhappy with the effort. Let's take a break. Tony Black is gonNA join US next. We'll talk to Tony about what went on in the Jockey Club Gold Cup and and we've discussed hurting before but you'll hear it from a professional race writer at the raises.

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