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O'Hare the more. Sun is coming the. Late Senator John McCain is lying in. State at the state capital today they're members of the public have, the opportunity. To pay their respects, in person during a. Ceremony at the, capitol, former Arizona Senator John Kyle said McCain, saved the Iraq war by pushing for the. Troop surge. In two thousand seven with Senator McCain all around the. World and I will tell you. That he had better instincts about how and when And where to assert American power than any other. Leader that I've known services for McCain in Washington begin Friday Google, maps, isn't waiting for the Senate lawmakers are considering a proposal to rename his Senate office building after the late Senator John. McCain but Google maps already displays the McCain Senate office building on its website Because of. The weekend, little village apartment fire remains undetermined ten children were killed in that fire and the. Twenty two hundred block of south Sacramento officials are hoping that a report from the ATF will help shed more light on it all as Carson's closes its doors for good today another retailer is closing an iconic Chicago, building here's WGN's Kim Gordon is putting the historic Medinah temple building, and river, north up, for sale the Cincinnati based company is planning to move the Bloomingdale's home store out. Of, the space in the six. Hundred block of north Wabash and into Bloomingdale's in the nine hundred north Michigan shops plans to sell the building come seventeen years after the former Shriners temple was spared from demolition Kim Gordon WGN news Amtrak train stranded in Wisconsin. By the flooding this week are now on their way again one to the west coast the other two Chicago there were, more than. Two hundred people on each train and, each waited for nearly a day Northwest Indiana man has pleaded not guilty to charges in, the deaths of his two sons. Last week in the kankakee river WGN's Ryan burrow has thirty four year old Eric Patillo faces two counts of neglect of a dependent. Resulting adapt the two sons four-year-old Levi and two year old Evan were pulled from the kankakee river August twenty first according to the affidavit Portillo dropped off his wife at work before taking his sons to a boat launch to. Fishermen nearby believed the father was under the. Influence of, something as he helped the boys with their fishing poles and began dunking himself in. The water that's when the fishermen noticed the boys missing Patillo admits to taking heroin earlier in the day Ryan burrow WGN Mexico judge has dismissed child neglect charges against three defendants arrested at a remote compound where eleven, children were found living in filth and the body of a three-year-old, boy was, discovered the, judge said he had no discretion to keep the three defendants in custody since prosecutors. Missed, the ten day limit for. Evidence cheery hearing to establish probable cause prosecutors could still try to pursue the charges by going to a grand jury For an indictment we'll check your money sports traffic and weather next on WGN we work hard at being healthier.

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