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And they are they go into to inland and Is is for before twelve hundred year. Twelve hundred so when they started to be three in number of of the years there is slow we why king and the uae kings make their own area in inland. It's called the dan land and this Nowhere they it's home. Of course it is the side of england that is to mark It a big area where they have this weiqing at that area in in england of course they were very wealthy the wikileaks because they have been fief and taking much for where they have been sailing and heat managed many countries of so they were wealthy and the so they come into the the english or royal married them get kids and so the is why king blood in in the royal family also and i also find out today. That is very close to to the royals that they have a jewish royals because My on my mother's sliding I i understood because the you wish people be very angry at me. When i say she look you ish. The don't want me to say like that. But you can tell they. Are you wish because they look like most of the people in israel. She looked like my mother. Look like the look like in israel. She have a almost black kerr brownies black and green brown eyes. She have these four move over the face that is from acer. Say's from middle east. She has that. It's very strange. Because they were seven. Cates my mother. In my mother's family there was seven. Kids amaya maya. Maya added grandfather. He was had almost black care at my my.

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