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A gap will be filled there's that beef very effective it's silenced you didn't it no david shambaugh on the motion trump is making china great again how do you declare yesorno i'm also a no trump could help the reasons that noah just indicated i agree with him there but it's up to china to make itself great again as as ian ian said this is a longterm project for the chinese two hundred year project really since the 1870s when they began their effort to rejuvenate them cell if after a couple of hundred bad years they call the centuries of shame in humiliation but greatness i would just note is measured not just by capabilities but by attraction and whether others seek to emulate you it's as joseph noise concept of soft power of course so i would look at china and ask is china a model for others and i find that it is not a model for others to sui generis come country very much out for itself the question is if you're going to be a great power you have to be magnanimous amongst other things and it's an open question whether china can be magna madam us thank you in time is up we have three knows in one yes element as the us you're gonna find yourself are beginning a little more time but i want to take to you the question all three of your now opponents in this particular round take the position that greatness is something as this economy said needs to be earned and david shambaugh said greatness is something that a signal when there are attempts to emulate it and there's very little attempt to emulate china therefore there is no greatness even in play here whether trump's involved amok can you take that yeah i mean sometime shakespeare put if as this is one of those example summer born great some achieve greatness some have greatness thrust upon them it's not true the global greatness is totally in and channel product it involves unquestionably internal action you need to be stable unita at least appear to be magnanimous but under circumstances where the world is.

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