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Just use discount code Ben g at checkout. So they have it. Now, another another question here kind of steering back away from from the deep science of Seoul for and back to some of the practicalities of this wild, Terry diet Hauer how are your clients and your patience, you know, especially those living in urban areas getting their hands on on a lot of these foods that are that are wild. That are not farmed that are non chemically altered. You know, that would be considered in many cases, just you know, game meat or wild plants. Yes. So we have were lucky that we have a lot of resources that provide us for that d'artagnan foods, which I use personally they shipped to fifty states overnight con. Con d'artagnan, and we get your listeners a link of after the show with like it. But really they have phenomenal bison wild boar venison, elk of lamb New Zealand lamb of dish that and then we have living in the metro DC area. There's a outlet called your Ganic pitcher. But also, you know, you'd be surprised the major grocers or carrying New Zealand lamb, they're carrying a bison a Harris teeter here in the in the mid Atlantic carries elk ground, elk. So it's becoming more and more available. Now in my book. We talk about that ever everybody goes wild. We start, you know, feed lot type farming methodologies for these wild game. They will no longer be wild. So part of the wild -tarian movement truly is that that we opt for sustainably raised approach to our animals of. But what I'm finding is. We've had who've. Animals on our planet for millennia. Why is it now that the methane is finally becoming an issue in what one of my considerations that I'm talking about in terms of why methane is such a problem? Now as it were feeding our feed lock cows in our our our hooved animals foods that they cannot digest. And so just like us if we can't digest the food we're gonna produce methane gas. If these animals can't digest the corn. They're gonna produce methane gas Erba wars what about vegetables, how are your clients giving their wild vegetables. So vegetables the vegetables, I call them wild -tarian, grains that sort of air quote while Tyrian. So we looked to as we look for small and medium chain farmer of medium size. Farmers local farmers that aren't necessarily organic we have to look at what our Ganic standards are because you are Ganic standards have been diluted, but the FDA has diluted the definition of whether Ganic is but what I. Call A while -tarian grain is or vegetable is those vegetables that are are suited to your wild type. Like, for example, you may do very well on on a spinach. I can't because I also have oxalate issue. But instead I'll look to a spiritual look to my my Japanese sweet potatoes were all look to my on artichoke of my my wonderful bib in Boston lettuce. So those are what I talk about. They don't necessarily have to be wild is just that they fall under the wild Tyrian umbrella because the big definition of wild Tyrian in that category is low mycotoxin mycotoxin is a fungal metabolite. That fire starts again, the biofilm biofilm amyloid in the virus on it's like this ping pong effect. So what we're looking to do as relooking to minimize those in the intake of those foods that are deemed to be air quote healthy, but are no longer being able to metabolize d- in our system.

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