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Of violence and he intended to embody it. In Nineteen ninety-three Maya joined the violent Neo Nazi group called combat eighteen. The organization began as the security wing of the British National Party of Far Right Political Club. Combat Eighteen purpose was to protect members from anti-fascist protesters, but the group quickly took on a life of its own and split from the British National Party in Nineteen ninety-three shortly after my joined. With his ONA experience my, it quickly distinguished himself among combat eighteen members speaking at meetings and helping to develop the group's ideology. He spent the next few years writing literature for the organization including instructions on building homemade bombs. In the mid nineteen, ninety s might Penta pamphlet called a practical guide to Aaron Revolution. It was a handbook instructing readers on how to plot terrorist attacks. It became one of his first writings to be posted on the Internet with that the genie was out of the bottle and the violent instruction manual spread rapidly. Simultaneously, with Miot, releasing this powder keg combat eighteen was in the midst of a crisis. The head of the organization Charlie Sargent was sentenced to life in prison after he and a friend stabbed a member of a rival Neo Nazi faction to death. My it had been a loyal follower of sergeants. So after sergeants arrest might left combat eighteen and formed his own group called the National Socialist Movement, he immediately set about recruiting new members. However, it wouldn't be long before the law came for him to. According to one online source in Nineteen Ninety, eight detectives from Scotland Yard arrested my it. They claimed his online publications including a practical guide to area and revolution incited murder and racial hatred. Though the authorities eventually released my it, a massive cross-departmental investigation is said to have begun. Might appeared on the cover of the Anti Fascist magazine searchlight, but the caption, the most evil Nazi in Britain. This second major criminal inquiry must have scared him after being questioned in the Hilda Merle murder case he reportedly disbanded his ONA chapters this time my it resigned from his own group the National Socialist Movement after nearly a decade on the Neo Nazi movements frontlines, he decided it was time to return to his esoteric studies. But then in September of Nineteen Ninety Eight, he did something that no one saw coming. He converted to Islam. Coming. Up We'll explore miot sudden change of faith and how his violent writings encouraged three murders. podcasters you know the world can be chaotic and unpredictable. But how far would you go to turn the tides of favor and your direction? 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US presidents bollandbranch cotton is rain Fed pesticide-free and carries the highest organic certification. That's why it's so soft their thousand dollar quality but start at just one hundred and sixty dollars plus you can sleep on them for a month. risk-free restrictions may apply see bollandbranch dot com for details. That's B. O. L. L. Andbranch DOT COM. Now back to the story. In the early nineteen nineties David Miot stepped back from his leadership of the Owen a to practice what he preached. He joined and launched several Neo Nazi political organizations becoming one of the most prominent British far right figures. Then in nineteen ninety, eight miot shocked the world by converting to Islam. This action must have confused a lot of at the time but some think my it was trying to rehabilitate his reputation. Islam has often been called the religion of peace. It's very name comes from the Arabic form of that word optimists that my it's change in faith was his way of rejecting his previous dedication to violence. But my it's true intentions quickly became apparent when he began writing track supporting Osama bin Laden in his terrorist crusade against the capitalist West. Despite, viewing Muslims as ethnically and racially inferior might saw radical Islam as a vehicle to reach his alternate pock Elliptic Vision for the future. He wanted Aryan superhumans to dominate the world and then colonize the galaxy. But before that could happen western capitalism had to be defeated. In practical terms might likely saw groups like the Taliban and Al Qaeda as natural allies against his greatest enemy a capitalist Judeo Christian society. But even as he worked to create a new image for himself as a radical Muslim, my it's past writings on Aryan ism continued to haunt him. He had already been investigated for inciting racial hatred but in nineteen, ninety nine, he became entangled in yet another murder case. Over several weeks in April three, nail bombs exploded across London the blasts injured one, hundred, thirty, nine people and killed three including a pregnant woman. The first device detonated in a predominantly black neighborhood. The second went off in an area where many Asians lived and the third targeted London's Gay community. Police eventually arrested a twenty two year old named David Copeland for the Crime Copeland was a member of the National Socialist Movement. The group Maya had started in nineteen ninety seven on being questioned. He said his goal had been to start a race war. Investigators noticed immediately that Copeland's actions seemed to be directly inspired by the National Socialist Movement which was based on my it's philosophies on one of their web pages. They wrote that really war means creating tension and terror with an ethnic communities and damaging or destroying their property and their homes by firebombs and or explosive devices. Part of this involves attacking individuals and killing some of them. These incriminating words led police right to Maya door. He was questioned extensively during the investigation but my it denied knowing copeland or having anything to do with his bombing spree and ultimately police were unable to prove. He had any involvement in the attacks but that didn't stop a lot of people from believing he'd both known and Mentor D- Copeland..

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