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Continue to be a security guard. I wanna play smooth jazz to got to get must culture back from that man who stolen secretly the hero in the in. The show plays boy. This is so 'nineties. He plays in a jazz club but came early. Well might be. Hey what does he like anime. Iso at like triangles. They look like they looked like a tortilla chips. What was absorb that lady. Go over that white woman. Saxophone beckham will get their white woman to have it all. That sounds a tuba desk. Phone is bigger than hell. It's like a saxophone too but the end portion the is like a two bedroom. You should be hearing black. I walk in their full. mobile book. should be playing at a worst fastest german pogo right now. You have a german festival. Yeah negroes your soul more number wipe funky beat. This man is passed out my god. Jesus what this fucking arm. It looks like there are almost like a a raw chicken wing before you look. It doesn't look at him in the flats. It's like when the flat flatware. That's what is. Oh my god before you. Bread put sauce on character. Miles are jesus broke his arm and like no one wants to help him. Drugs or drug. Wrote fucking fred. dues partying too hard and unique drake. Man's where you need haze that do they really did dams. It's gonna be fucking six o'clock news to christ digging mess saxophone until his dig Wow man saying this was a question. The question is the bonus question. And i gotta wrong because i never heard of the show too bad. I got that wrong. Somebody's fever dream. So this was a real cartoon back in the day hartley. Wow i want this. I want this man come back. I want to come owns it. And now that they've established the multi-diverse. It's like hard of it. Man the multi put his ass an afc. Come on get it off the bench. Come on man. Yeah i could see someone. Like sam raymond james gunn like putting him in like suicide squad. Yes he'll be. It'll be the member that dies very quickly. No he needs to be the last one to live in. An elite beat people to death that saxophone. The he'll play the movie. I'd say that's the three young. Wow this is so goddamn nineties. Late eighties is eight hundred thousand nine hundred eighties and nineties myth in and got it all along we are separate. We gotta go onto guess. Decades created a monster. Yeah chance too much clashing tones. Oh well there we go. Well welcome to the show people. Sorry i missed that right there. That was fun to go. Watch definite somebody's that you brought to you by kenny. Kenny g. o. Steroids steroids fair. A one time that you haven't heard about something to music in being cool. That's nice yeah. Thank god you right there in red. At that moment you became the coolest hipster in the world. That is kenny g. Wow now have you never said anything else. People like see that guy. Listen to good music shit hot jazz. Kenny g. o. My god this is so cool man. He knows great news income. We'll do they know. Hey next day with a girl till you donahue kenny g. isn't shut the fuck up what's say anything else. Don't say nothing else. Keep in mind so she asked about michael jackson. Michael jackson we do among to exit trivia. One day. I might get that. Well it's all based on his music. I won't get him his life. I might know some things. Well guess as good as you did today. From what i hear. That's true all right folks today for you we have you behold the scroll let me talk about well we already did the ninety s cartoons in the trivia. Got that out the way we'll talk about. Activision been a sucky place to work. Apparently reasons that you can probably guessed. Oh what else. Oh the dune trailing the official trailer are the official trailer that fake shit. You saw the four count. Don't count that at all and and as a bonus. I haven't seen you told me about it. You said it sucked but still getting it. Something exciting for even just glimpse dead space returns we. We don't know how kate tell you know all we know that is out there some ways that's coming at one point some days coming say soon but we don't at this point. Oh somebody said. I'm dr helen. The british depot said. I'm driza get corey about backing you know already had enough of he's had enough he's retarded you can have. The space is still dead and let me see how you guys real quick the chat over here people. We can't do this without the check fans on the og get blown mobile. Oh let me see here. Anatoly has been cast as tests in. Hbo is last of. Wow looks like her. Also look at that in a little baleka. okay. kenny g. rate than. Oh i know that guy you should you. should i think i saw a segment. Unlike on the daily show or kobe report years they play his his music in like chinese malls to get. That's like okay get the fuck out. Music comes on the mall man. So kenny g. this guy's poor guy. He's the he's the nickelback of smooth jam because he ain't done anybody his music is. I mean he's making a living. It's okay a lot of people. maybe as music is not for them. But you know it. It's cool to harp on kenny g. Now right now. People trying to get a cool a quick cool points by harvard on kenny g. Like like listen. Everybody's kenny g. and didn't turn the channel except here everybody's nickelback. Everybody likes nickelback. I don't care what you say here by like neuter hero saying back. We all know that song understand here. Yeah yeah. I played that song my car mana job. Good man. it's just change the station. you believe. Oh a writer Once again and talk about the dune trailer but of course video game stuff. Activision is getting sued for being a second place to work. Talk about dead space. You know what put that in. Just the let's see here. Did space re boot rivera and the style of nickelback common right there. You go guys. Let me see here Somebody says remake. Yeah okay all right. We're gonna we're gonna split here. Reboot remake remastered re do to you what we wanna put. Today it doesn't matter reboots remakes. Kind of the same they. They they blend. They want the right terminology. This very specific. You want to talk about what's up. Look at this graph. Because that's sounds good. They go back there who look funny right. People tell you what i think. I don't know of corey by did it. But i'm going to do it again. Folks i wanna welcome all of you to join me at my birthday party at not in my house. No no no no no stop stops doctor. You come over here. You can't go to new york.

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