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Teams so it kind of carries from what you see on track the way that they communicate both top at a pit box through the spotter stan and then you actually able to to pick that often hear that listen to it at racetrack yeah i mean one way that i would describe ra to a fan who comes to me and says you know what can i do when i go to the racetrack for the first time casual fan never been i say you have to get a scanner because it's a game changer i mean sitting in the stands watching a racist one thing it's fantastic we all love the sport that were a part of but once you put that headset on your now immersed in what's happening throughout the whole field you can listen to us and the radio broadcast you can listen to your favorite driver but but you guys have come out with something that i think is the ultimate game changer in the legend describe what that is because just looking at all the features at it looks like there's nothing else that's going to put a fan closer to the action yeah that's that's true you did a great job setting it up your check is in the mail but you're exactly right so people who are familiar with us understand that scanners are really the traditional technology the two way you know listen only way of hearing we came out with fan vision in two thousand and six actually started his fan view back in my next days we were involved in that became fan vision so that's a that's a hand held device that has a video signal that you can you can sit in the stands and you can watch the broadcast feed you can listen to prn as well you get at the eight in car cameras live stats bios compared drivers a ton of stuff and and you really your own race director you know you're you what you have here with the big screen is fantastic and you see a great show that's put together but if you want to control what on your own we got the ability to put that in your hand legend is the next generation of that legend is the the new innovation in that category it's our newest hand held it should be available in all retail outlets.

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