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Call eight eight Munster to talk to someone without newest today. The unnamed employee was fired after an incident earlier this week in Hialeah, Florida, predominantly Hispanic suburb of Miami, Alexandria, Montgomery pulled up to the drive through and tried to place an order, but the employer refused to take it. Because she wasn't speaking Spanish I want to order. Eventually left without placing an order Taco Bell later released. A statement saying the employees no longer works for the company. The British government is proposing a no fault divorce where it will no longer be necessary to prove misconduct or to live apart for a certain number of years before a couple can divorce. One lawmaker says current divorce requirements are out of touch with modern life if adopted after a twelve week consultation period spouses, would no longer be able to challenge a divorce application made by their partner. The new law would apply to all forms of marriage, including same sex and civil partnerships. An ancient Egyptian tube hidden away from the public has been opened after more than eighty years before thousand-year-old tomb belonged to a high ranking official and archaeologists say it's colorful, wall decorations shed light on how lived more than a thousand years before the pyramids were constructed. It is. Final resting place of Mayhew. Unofficial who lived during the time of king TD and the sixth dynasty and also includes may whose son and his grandson the tube is notable for its colorful walls adorned with or drawings and inscriptions chronicling ancient Egyptian life, including scenes of hunting, fishing cooking and dancing. It was originally discovered back in nineteen forty but was closed to the public until the completion of restoration work. I'm Alex, and then get.

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