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That can zoom in so close but i'm glad that it didn't take him ten minutes to figure out right away that smith's hand came off the bag i don't really like that it all it takes is just a little bit of your hand handing off the back to be that was that was one where his hand did come up the bag for enough of a period of time for the pickoff to take place later in that game ripper sell one two three and the fifth one two three in the sixth and seventh inning again after a leadoff single you get a nice double play and then he gets two outs in the eighth inning starting the starting rotation for this team you feel pretty good about this is what you're getting at a rick parcel of this year or notices in for him today but he has been lights out this year i mean the denard span homerun thus far was the first home run of the year that he's led up which is surprising i i wasn't sure that he would be able to do what he did two years ago when he won the cy young award that season i felt that you look at and he's probably not that talented of a pitcher i don't know if he's on the same kind of stratosphere as david price from david prices healthy and of course chris sale who is so good but he has definitely come back and he's pitching just like you saw from him a couple of seasons ago so that's definitely nice to see and he had himself a solid outing today and you got a guy like craig kimbrel i it doesn't take much to to to finish up a game but i would like to see a little bit more offense if you're in the same way six one seven seven seven nine seven ninety three seven and you can tweet me to ashkelon says i like what we got out of the top of the order the bottom of.

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