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As people try to get to one side or the other before the lines hard add to that now death squads why would there be death squads well here's the problem with the nation if you have a minority the minority going to want things they're gonna want voting rights they're gonna want rights they're gonna want stuff they might even win elections but if they're dead then they won't and so what you get is these death squads who go to murder the other side so in pakistani muslim death squads murdering hindus but you also have hindu death squads in india murdering muslims remember in the moxie the majority wins one way of becoming the my jor majority as we can discuss in rwanda for example is you murder we did in turkey is you murder the minority you murder the other side until you are definitely the majority so they're death squads there were some states have cracked up even more like the pakistan india sri lanka bhutan makes it look like it's clean but even then sri lanka broke into pieces in indian hindu stan in the pendant states said whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa we're in the pendant we were in the pendant when the british showed up the british treated us is in the pendant we wanna be independent we're not part of india we haven't been part of indian five hundred years the british said we were in the pendant and so what happens is you get the invasion of conquest by a central government of these independent states.

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