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The gummy bears. These damn lounge flies. I'll tell you there. Some of them are really cool looking but people get obsessed. I saw tiktok today where the lady sold all of her lounge flies wide money. You can get for those. I know i have. I have a couple in my possession that they no longer make. That are going for a pretty penny while. She's in protest of disney. For so. I don't know why i don't remember why. She probably the tattoos. I but she was like instead of cancelling or call into cancel disney. I'm just so my personal disney stuff. So i'm canceling it for myself. I don't expect you guys to cancel it. Well that's cool. yeah. I mean that's what you should do crank but i mean in all fairness i feel that is a very corporate way of dealing with things. Because she's making money off of them right. Yeah but lounge fly does do other properties besides disney. So there's no tell them what she sold but what is. I wasn't really paying attention to it until she said lounge flies. I sold all my lounge flies. Laura i'll sell all my lounge flies when you sell your pops who they could buy another house with that at her. I don't think you should have to sell your lounge flies. I just as a collectible. It's just an unusual collectible much like the tumblers because neither one of those who are useful. Like your pops. I know my the things. I collect keeps me dry in. The rain allows me to have beverages any time of day and it keeps them cold for twenty four hours just because now like eight or for eighty cool. Don't put my tumblers. But that's a yeti wear two at the most at the at a time. Okay you wear to on the front. Why would i need aware to. That's ridiculous They're tiny lesson i have. I have a lounge fly for every occasion. She does and i'm trying to figure out a way to display them because they are display. -able like this is not like a backpack. It's a really cool looking backpack. There's a lot of shells and here. We put him on notice not their full out like i said. There's a lot of shelves here. We can put the money next. Mary poppins at the beginning of the film some of the nannies waiting in line to apply for the nanny position. We're actually stuntman and drag. Oh i knew that back back. To where like shakespearian days were only men could play our parts. No no no no female stunt men like when the wind comes in and they get blown away and You know they kill the nannies dump man right so i had guys who got blown away because they were properly trained how to roll talking roll. We'll lose female stuntman now. Okay laura navy stunt women stump persons you don't know the pronouns but their female stunt women are stuntman than they would be not limited could be day stunt persons or them start person so you need to be more sensitive and click myself anyways next back to julie. Andrews agreed to make the film after she was rejected. For the role of eliza doolittle in the film version of my fair lady to its she had played on broadway and created the role on broadway and both the west end in london. Hthe like frank welker getting told he wasn't the right voice for matron in transformers when he originated the voice. Yep it's exactly like that. Just like that and think that julie anders would have been the caliber of. I don't have to audition. well remember. Mary poppins was her like that. In the sixties that came out for sound of music. Yeah she had filmed. Mary poppins before sending music because while she was on the set for santa music she actually used to sing the songs from mary. Poppins to the kids ochre. I don't know i don't know the time line. I mean clearly. We're like back to back years. It was like sixty one and sixty two came out before. Sobe yeah get. That was a joke urine sob. I saw clinton early andries meeting the actual von trapp leading. Oh yeah maria maria yes and she was like so how did i do. And she's like well you don't know how to yodel ha so she had to teach julie andrews having yodel. Oh i love it. Love it The same that was used for mary poppins was the same set and princess diaries and it was re it was later. Renamed the julie andrews except renamed away. At least she knew where she was going on the set while she was in the movie no It took the took. The sherman brothers robert and richard sherman It took them two and a half years to write the music for the film But they were also writing and they were completely unaware that the studio did not actually have the rights to the book so they were writing the music and they thought everything was cool and then they found out later than just kidding. We didn't even have the rights but we totally had you do it because we had faith well in saving. Mr banks only took two hours right. The music yeah. They added that portion. Yeah oh the step in time dance sequence was originally stated to be nine minutes long but the director tried to cut it down to To to after fearing it was too long. When walt disney found out he actually decided to add more elements to the sequence and extended fourteen minutes. Now it's fourteen minutes in move. It's fourteen minutes movie. Yeah i remember it being really long the member for fifteen minutes to wash them do one second time step time. It's amazing you can go to the bathroom during that ed comeback at. It's just right where you left off. That's true that's true now that i think about it. Yeah it's still not as long as two chitty bang bang. The walking stick dances sin. Chitty chitty bang bang where they had the guy that like kids. Yes yeah the creepy dude Creepy pedophile dude. Yep that's the one okay. I remember liking it as a kid and then like a couple of years ago. I like joslin. Sit down my youngest. Sit down and watch t chitty bang bang. It's an old movie really good and it's not good not a good movie. I think they changed it. I thoroughly injuries. And you weren't high anymore. Whatever it's like movies on movie nothing happens. It has an intermission. That's not true. They make it has an intermission. It has an intermission. They make toot sweets. They should not have an intermission in a movie like that. This isn't the ten commandments. This isn't titanic or gone with the wind. Now it's chitty chitty bang bang and trust me. You need the intermission. can you believe the child catcher. Hotak kid oh. I need to go movie chitty. Chitty i love you. It's a michael scott film. Dick vendex notorious. Cockney accent was partially to blame on his irish vocal coach. Pat o'malley who according to him didn't do an accent. Any better than i did. So i could play you pretty much know. By the time of the film's star. Studded premiere relations between peeled travers and walt disney studios. Were so frosty that. She wasn't even invited. She had to ask disney per for permission to attend. It sounds like she's just real difficult to work with. However travis is a state granted disney the rights to produce the mary poppins sequel under.

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