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That we have and the other thing with that too. Is that if you look at it. Just a bill. They put so much of everything else in a bill that you really have to pick and choose okay. Is this bill right for me with my goals or is there going to be another one that reverses that decision or is there going to be one where i agree with parts of this bill and i agree with the other parts of this bill but ultimately gets me to where i wanna go so i guess i have to let the other ones struggle in. Yeah and a lot of that is is a compromise right because when you have such polarized party like somebody's going to have to bend somewhere like you're never going to like fully agree on a single you know that's the ray like exactly exactly well and it's a slower process but if you can open up the individual then that will eventually ripple out. Yeah and i think with politics. I think we don't realize how much power we have. I think that we rest too heavily on relying on politicians to change the world for us. Whereas i personally think that what we've seen historically is that politicians bend when society tells them it's time so if we as a society can. We're not willing to accept these things and that these are the things we care about and we can mobilise. They'll have to bend us. I mean that's absolutely what's happened. Historically through like every civil rights movement and you know with an roe v wade. I mean in with gay marriage like it's always been a bend to the culture not the other way round right right and i think with that gray being there at the intermingle of everything and especially with people being able to talk to each other with kinda that safety in there that safety net even behind a computer right being able to still connect with another human that shares your stuff and then that then builds more it increases your community size increases your vocal size and then you're finding other people that actually share your mentality share your struggles may share what your basic humanity is. Which is. hey. I would like to just live without anybody like shitting on me the entire time. That'd be cool. If i could live with the same privileges or maybe the same equality equity. I don't know what the words are. But i just want to be human. I want you to be a human and not be a dick right. Don't be it just don't be. Yeah no absolutely and also if you can brought in like your being creating a space where you can engage with people you wouldn't otherwise interact with right 'cause i might have like so one of the programs that i have coming up is like a face sharing series where i'm specifically targeting. Faiths that like. There's been like netflix documentaries..

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