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Oh, that was so sweet. And those had been your first times on TV, right. And it was while you were in once upon a mattress that you now had your first regular gig on TV. This is the Gary Moore show you were on from nineteen fifty nine to nineteen sixty two. This was a variety show, and I've read that you a thought very highly of Gary more just from your working with them, but also that that was in some ways later a model for the Carol Burnett shuts. Right. What was it about that show that most impacted you? The music, this catches being able to do different characters and working with Gary. He was the most generous man. We would be sitting around reading the script for that week or something. You know, derby Kirby was the other second banana. He was very funny and Gary might have a joke or a punchline, and he'd look at it and say, you know, give this to Carol or give it to. There were, they can say, it's easier than I can that to me that impacted me so that when I had my own show. Okay. Said Carol Burnett show, but I wanted a true rep company where I would be supporting Harvey in a sketch, right? Vicky would be supporting him or even though it had my name we shared. And I think that is one of the features that has lasted was our show that nobody tried to hog it right. And in fact, Tim, you, I cross paths with on the Gary Morsch, but I didn't work with them on that show. He just happened. He had he had a bit that he did, and that was it. You obviously resonated on the Gary Moore show because coming out of that, you had this unbelievable in so many different ways. The fact that it's a ten year contract you're signed to. I don't think there are tenure contracts anymore for anything, but you sign with CBS and there would require me to do a special. And to guess shots year for ten years. And then there was a Covey at that within the first five years, I had some kind of an agent. I'll tell you if I wanted to push the button, CBS would have to give me thirty one hour. Comedy variety shows Mumba mumble, VO and ice. Well, I'd never wanna do that. I'm not a gardener, not a host. I never thought I would, but then the last week of the fifth year when that would be up my husband and I were not doing too wealth financially in five years into a contract. The contract. Yeah. Yeah. So it was the last week. It was between Christmas and New Year's otherwise, that particular caveat would've been up, right? So we said, okay, we can push the button. Let's just contextualized for listeners though. Why that was such a kind of revolutionary thing in a way, because I want to quote what Mary McMahon and the LA times. Writer, there wrote, quote, women back then didn't do comedic variety. They did musical variety. Allah the Dinah Shore show close quote. So what was it that even, you know, it's so thinking outside the box in those days to think that that was something even to do. Right. Well, I thought it was because that's what I'd been doing on Gary show. So I didn't think I'm a woman, right? You know. And so when I called CBS New York to push the button, yeah, they forgotten. But they offered offered that he'd totally forgot. This is a vice president who is a very nice man. He's, oh well along it back to you. I said, I bet they got a lot of warriors out of Christmas party, right? You know, and he called back the next day and he said on, yeah, I see that Carol variety. Comedy variety is a man's game. He said, it's sid Caesar's. Milton Berle now, Dean Martin Jackie Gleason. It's not for you gals. What did you think when he was saying? Well, I understood you because that was. That was what it what. But anyway, we got this great half hour sitcom called, here's Agnes. Oh God. Let's you would've made fun of on the Carol Burnett show. And I said, I don't wanna be Agnes. I said, I wanted to be different people..

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