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The late afternoon fueled by strong winds and dry heat follow the smoke coming up in the northern part of the state more than a million people have been living in the dark since Wednesday when PGA any orchestrated a rolling blackout in a desperate effort to prevent its equipment from igniting fires CBS news update all matter Piper WBBM news time ten thirty till a judge says a man accused of rape while posing as a police officer is a danger to the community and he's been denied bail out twenty four year old west side one and a prostitute thought the man who picked her up in east Garfield park last month was a cop he told her as much she said and pointed a gun at her asking if she knew what it felt like to be raped she had pepper spray and used it to get away the woman eventually went to the civilian office of police accountability thinking it was a cop she had video of the man and his license plate investigators use police surveillance cameras to corroborate her story and thirty year old Jeffrey Crowder was arrested in his car the sun times reports a real police badge was found along with two BB guns the bad you turns out was stolen my Krauser newsradio one of five point nine FM in Florida off white man who shot and killed an unarmed black man outside a convenience store last year has been sentenced to twenty years in prison markings McLachlan's girlfriend had parked in a handicapped spot at a convenience store and Michael dredge got told detectives he was irritated by people who illegally parked in those spots McLachlan's mother Monica more Robinson spoke in court although hates you but I will never forgive you she and blocked in spotter Michael say dredge got has lacked remorse deserve to die in prison in the Bible it says in order to get in the habit we must forgive those who trespass against at this point in my life I am not there yet the judge called dredge got a self appointed handy cap parking space monitor I met Donahue a former US ambassador to Ukraine was removed from her post after insisting that Rudy Giuliani's request Ukrainian officials to investigate president trump's political rival be conveyed through official channels that's according to a fellow former diplomat the envoy Marie you often off which is set to testify tomorrow before house committees as part of the democratic impeachment investigation meanwhile a new poll finds the public is now more closely divided over the impeachment issue of fox news poll finds fifty one percent of Americans saying the president should be impeached and removed from office that's up from forty two percent in July a Washington post shar school survey shows fifty eight percent of Americans support the impeachment inquiry and forty nine percent think Congress was right to begin an investigation in should remove tribe from office earlier this year polls conducted by the post ABC far less than half saying Congress should begin impeachment proceedings my camp in Washington Bernie Sanders says he's looking forward to getting back on the campaign trail after suffering a heart attack last week I am feeling great Sanders says he's getting his and Dorrance back and will resume campaigning as soon as possible in a campaign video he says he thought about a lot of things while in a Las Vegas hospital bed what would have happened if I did not have of the good health insurance that I have saying he now feels even more strongly about his promise to provide universal health insurance if elected even before his health scare age had become a factor in the twenty twenty race the seventy eight year old Sanders would be the oldest ever presidential nominee soul would seventy six year old Joe Biden soccer mad down the Washington the history of the Illinois I stayed home for a delinquent boys hasn't been all bad but the new exhibit at the same Charles museum highlights some of its uglier moments the facility has been home to some pretty bad boys perhaps none as notorious as George baby face Nelson later included on the F. B. I.'s most wanted list as Public Enemy number one there's definitely where the uglier stories that came out of the institution that see Charles history museum executive director Allison Costanzo she tells of a story from the Saint Charles chronicle of a boy known only as Edward arriving at the age of thirteen for stealing candy in fifty cents with a friend he even planned the death of another boy who attacked the boy with nine barricaded themselves in the pantry permitted by a new law they were taken to Juliet point like that did not belong they really needed to go to an actual person the good the bad the ugly the boys school of Saint Charles exhibit opens Friday October twenty fifth Brandon ison newsradio one of five point nine FM WBBM news time ten thirty six what.

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