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Loans sail by the country's largest bank unicredit was such to jewel an ecb review live any creation will also be in focuses duncan multi to pass key and intesa some parlor report results today unicredit published results two weeks early after sending some in error will joining us now for milan is all bureau chief dan leafgreen a very good morning thanks for coming on the program dan that we had a couple of encouraging quotas from the credit that it looked as if it was a reverse of what are we expecting foam multitask in sao paulo well it integral come paolo per they'll be reporting around dominant mid day i think people are going to be looking at the app the tunisian gang but they acquired during the restructuring crocker abaci and leonard during the former not exactly clear analysts say these figures are going to be severely impacted if you remember entailed bought centrally the good from from these through bang and and received a credit of about three point five billion euros company remain italian government people will be looking at that impact i think of off dan very good morning good to talk to you of course uni cry had a twenty one billion dollar sale of bad loans and that seems to have drawn the air or the spectre of the e c b what i mean never far from a bad story on on on nonperforming loans in easily what what what's up with this well delayed here after after bloomberg group be a bank up put out a statement and they competitive one a the equivalent now however investigation uh on the part of the ecb um and it appears that they are charging are in line with market cranston and other recent badloan deal that remain to be seen clearly it wouldn't one in a series of on blundered too strong of a word but ito um you know had had the two having having account current account for the bank hat a month ago then they accidentally posted their third quarter earnings on the website on last week and days ago and couldn't gave me the impression on top of controversy that losing a bit of a magic moment indeed look i'm gonna put the.

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