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On the scene and and just a loved it i loved. Where would what that music did to me. Yeah and how that guitar just riff would just drive is driving. It goes right to the left to the bones. Yeah absolutely absolutely. I agree and you know this is certainly a podcast to learn more about you and you know where you've been your upcoming what you have going on miza sim- similar story. That mind started with a classical piano teacher. So i was a pianist at first but then i got to that age that teenage age. Where you're like. Who wants to listen to classical music. Not not that. There's anything wrong with that but you're you're a teenager you know you're getting into the girls you know you are listening to. Yep this musical here did you. Don't buy yeah exactly so so at some point in time i cut ties with that classical piano teacher. I still continue to play the piano. But that's when. I picked up the guitar and change teachers. And you know i started learning things like sticks paradise theatre record and that's when everything changed for me so did you. Did you have any guitar. Heroes growing up. You know you're guitarist. Was there any body. That really influenced the guitar for you. I know there's a lot of artists that you probably like but was there one or two guitarist. That just did it. For you i know you spoke of angus young but was there any others. That might have really drove you to be a a better guitarist or want to learn to play. You know randy. Rhoads play with ozzy that digital itchy blew me away because he had such a classical training and in the way he played the electric. And you've never heard it like that before you know. But personally i mean i would say also besides dave goodwin. A troy melville troy was accomplished guitar player. Also a local just watching troy play in how he played it was. It just inspired me. Don marquel jasmine's brother get used to sit there and watch him him brought proctor in the living room. And just did you. Blew me away watching him play the electric guitar or they're the bass guitar can't now of course i knew desmond i knew dom you domin. I played onstage at fitzgerald's together. That was my first meeting with dom and he passed some years after that. I didn't know that don went back to tied back with brought proctor. And i remember brought proctor from high school bass player. And i think he's with. Jj donna might now or or or was associated. I don't know much about the band. Or what not but. It seems like his name was tied to jj dynamite. Yeah yeah now he's with. Jj data might now was a great hat hat brought. I'm sure that the musical taste has probably changed somewhat over time. You know the ac dc's back in the day to to the man you are now the stuff you're playing on stage. How do you see. Has there been genre switch like have you said well i used to be a rock guy but now i'm a this guy or i mean how do you think that the taste has changed over the years you know. I think it's just become more inclusive. It's it's the songs touch me to songs that move me. That can move other people. I want people to come in. Take a ride with me ride. Just does this have a blast together and listen this place a music sing along with me let it move hewlett move me and and that's what i searched for Could be it could be rocked. Could be country could be folk all all different genres. And i don't think a lot of people understand the feeling that you get from delivering a song to somebody. That is is attentive to the song and that's really there to listen to the song. There is no greater gift to give than the gift of song. And i know that you concur with that because it it can change you yell i. It's powerful me. Music itself. I mean from the bible i mean. The the whole book of psalms is song and that that always resonated chirp. That's a great segue into your cd project that you had some years back. I don't. I'm horrible with dates and timelines for whatever reason i'm great remembering names faces and musical trivia but for some reason the dates don't stick in my brain for some reason but let's talk about the joy in the storm project. Probably gonna bro some cobwebs off your brain a little bit there. How did that come about wind. Did you wake up one day and say man. I wanna do a cd. And i know that it's more along the religious gospel lines so so talk me through that. Where did the idea come from. And what was on your mind at the time. Well it at the time was In the worship team at sanderson a baptist. Church deer park. I started writing songs. I started writing songs. That i would get up in the morning during reading bible scripture and whatever and nasa you don't wanna own take this making a song and maybe touched somebody that didn't read it that way or don't don't ever read the bible and so i ended up writing wrote a number songs but we use eleven of on the on the cd muddy. Jim finley Who are started working with. At and t. It was starting to become a producer himself and he had all the equipment in his house and we ended up. We hammered out all those songs and seabrook and jim thome Get weird studio. We got put these down. And so we want to sound studios. Were to brian baker we recorded and it's it's just recently. I got it put on all the streams out there which is You know spotify amazon. You name it. Yeah i'm very proud of it and as a side note. We just lost a jim's dad recently and he was on that saw he was on the song. Join a stormy singing the base on it. You know how funny how ironic even that. You mentioned that because yesterday i queued up and listen to the entirety. The whole cd from start to finish. And i remember listening to in the storm and i said who's who's the oak ridge boys doing the base part right. I heard the base. The base kind of it just stuck out for some reason and i'm like I guess it was one of the studio musicians that they use to. To lay down vocal tracks. Right so i had no idea that that was jim's dad and Sorry to hear about the passing of this father. I didn't know gem that well I remember seeing him. If my memory serves me correctly he was in a band called hollister fractious as back in the day and the dude didn't wear no shoes did he. No he never wore shoes. I loved yet. So i i remember jim back from those days but jim is out. He's a producer in l. a. Now and he has a production company of course but he also does Finley audio machines correct and this is i think guitar and drums samples that he records produces and then he sells those two people. I is that what you understand. The business to be a belief so any still produces different Musical acts and so forth but I oh so much. The gm a main gym never took one penny for any of the producing the hammering. No songs out anything. He did it as a labor of love. And i just wanna give a shout out the gm in a love you and appreciate you and in 'em and we did play join the storm at his dad's funeral okay. It was the last song. Yeah so it was. that's appropriate. Yeah well that's cool. And i'm a firm believer that friends don't take from friends either so that probably gave him more enjoyment to to give you his professional gift than anything that he could have charged you by by way of hourly rate. Just if you guys are looking for audio tracks like a drum tracks and guitar tracks make sure you check out gyms at make music better dot com a little shameless plug their for jam. I know that he's living the dream out there in los angeles. I same

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