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To go first period of one one game the two goals scored in the first 106 self this first period keith mule bauer scored a maine's first shot 28 sacchi din of rent on the heels of an excellent jeremy swam in save nolan visi should get a desist on that one and then it was jason sell baggio knocking home a rebound of a eric adams pot dick adams game down the right side after a third over at two on one electric shoot for lower rates circles wave made a nice save on that but came right to sell baggio knocked it all for the tying goal that's where we are one one here's a shot from the outside it's in the uniform of lukewarm finally dropped yao may drag nuclear this zone unable to do so now it's all way he gets around one man always moving up ice risks it here now out fraud here's look was drawn to serve we ban crowded what they tried a snub at all they found out couldn't do it for ronnie was down and out he didn't stop him but it was a defenseman i believe was in the way unlock wild tried to snap at all i have one may be review will see how this all lavigne's because look wall was saying it was it loved what are you to go year in the first one one game puk batted around the neutral tone adopted by the wildcats you'll bauer as it behind the net around two vase cia holloway it's yet lost the plot behind the net sell baggio to the outside the chancellor chancellor rats background behind the net and gaba mick nicholas act through mick adam hit by mule back or the right corner but gums free hall way to mule bauer who does not cleared out selfflagellation blasted to the blue line begged by sway the diagonal pass from mulepowered trying to get it out to fall see a good do it now main plays without center it goes all the way down the ice that's going to be icing and we'll come back in the black bears known so may not able to get players off the ice.

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