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If you really listen to the words and kind of put the rather laidback musical vibe on the back burner you realize just how biting that social commentary is is this song nina simone kohl wrote with langston hughes backlash blues sound the record she put out 19th sixty seven the first album of her career that really didn't seem to put too much emphasis on what kind of a musician she was you know jazz blues folk to start the set the title track to the record odeta put out nineteen 64 it's a mighty world that's number thirty eight on the turning the tables list nina simone sings the blues came in at number twenty eight and our countdown to number one continues next with anita franco it was 1998 and she was determined to put out an album the captured the energy of her live show does and she did it's called little plastic castle oh in a guy fish shown in as saying which is now greg kofi shown in an risk on a day which is every day dubbed the man his thing which is very magazine at a story enough of them red alert liz saco fish have no memory against their lives some notch lime mine emma little plastic castle israel suppress i said to him and it's not fair to say if they're handing but they don't seem much mm the.

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