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But because food was quite limited and lot of meet the special media. I think well. I'll just try some rice and some meat sauce so i it tastes all alright. I could eat a lot of it like this a bit return. So that's yeah. I meeting for four years red meat. And i still eat white even remember and i call it my friends and feathers very so then. What back to the telecommunications telecommunication plays cut through to my dad so spoke to him for about fifteen twenty minutes. It was all good. He's really happened here for me. Because i think that's first night spokane show. We've been on the road for over four months then. I got hold my brother which was great so wished him a belated birthday really nice talking to him and then i decided to my one of my grandma's so talk to her wing with grandma failures so great talking to her for about fifteen twenty minutes and i also found out. I said to telegram to my other grandma because it was her seventieth birthday and at that she'd got that so those all so yeah it was great it was great to talk to my family and everything was good at home and they were very happier like said i was alive and well still and doing okay so that was really cool so yes i headed back to the hotel in case was there and then we decide to hundred i more desert storm food. 'cause we're getting low found a guy at the piazza who sold it. So i bought like twenty two packs.

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