Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump, President Trump discussed on Michael Medved


Way it was very open and obvious despite the fact that he had an registered as a foreign lobbyist and that's one of the charges against him the man of what was involved with all those folks so why did trump select him to manage his campaign when he had to fire corey lewandowski and he did why him of all the people would have been available and that's a question live president trump should answer no we know why was fired because the trump campaign and president trump himself then vindicated that he said he was fired because of his connections with russia and and also president trump was losing at the time that he fired paul manafort and then started gaining strength then we know what happened in any event the point about this is when did president trump become aware and why wasn't he aware of the beginning of paul manafort s deep deep deep connections to vladimir putin or was it beacause of those connections that he was hired to manage the campaign i don't believe that it was but it's a question that needs to be answer another question having to do with george pompidou topless by the way wolf blitzer over at cnn introduced a whole other range of questions by speaking about an unidentified unindicted coconspirator very famous person who may also have been involved in collusion someone whose name until wolf blitzer raised it on cnn whose aim had not been connected with his scandal in any way here's what the cnn commentator had to say tell us first of all more about the case against george stephanopoulos or or papa dopoulos i should say george pompidou novelist who the role could be very significant in this investigation by what woes okay it's not right it's not george stephanopoulos it's george pompidou's apple as george stephanopoulos has his own problems he was a former clinton a now of course say an anchor over and host of the morning show over at abc george stephanopoulos no it's not him it's saw him it's george pompidou topless george stephanopoulos head of.

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