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Other day we got the combination of not only to win best arranged today a rainy windy and cool Friday with highs only topping out near sixty four degrees I'd recommend a rain jacket instead of rank goes seven umbrella because with the wind blowing like it is with gusts up to about thirty five miles per hour it'll turn that umbrella inside out tonight slows down to forty one degrees so a chilly start to your Saturday the same holds true for a Sunday morning by the way highs tomorrow near sixty five cool and breezy then on Sunday mother's day highs topping out near seventy three degrees with mostly sunny skies from the WBRC first alert weather center I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's morning and right now we do have mostly cloudy fifty seven newsradio one oh five five W. E. R. C. nature valley brings that satisfying crunch get your family going again with real delicious honey and wholegrain to get out here major valley hotel honey crunchy bites the original crunch hi I'm a second class with the more Reynolds from now all of Alabama I am currently serving aboard NAS Jacksonville Florida in Jacksonville Florida I.

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